View Full Version : Mithril Body fix

10-07-2013, 02:40 PM
It has become apparent to me what the probable disconnect is with Mithril Body. As it is currently coded it is giving 4 base armor, 15% spell failure, max dex +5, -2 skill checks, and light armor based PRR (reduced mildly for being wf based..which is silly but not the point of this).

Based on the base armor value the problem seems clear. The values of Mithril Body are based on chainmail made of mithril, not a chain shirt. As such it should be 5 base armor, 15% spell failure, -2 skill checks, and most importantly PRR values based on MEDIUM ARMOR as this is what chain is, the mithril being a boon not a bane.

In case you have doubts, and for some reason reading the feat description is not enough(to coincide with what chainmail is of course), consider these facts..Mithril chainshirt 4 base armor, 10% SPELL FAILURE, MAX DEX +8, -0 SKILL CHECKS, light armor because that's what a chain shirt is and mithril doesn't reduce it further. CAPS are for emphasis on the fact(unnecessary, except for those wishing to argue incorrectly and argumentatively) that it ought not to be a chain shirt of mithril and indeed it is not what is being received.

Mithril body is, in short, receiving the worst of each world respectively. Proper implementation would involve a +1 to base armor and medium armor PRR. Incidentally, base form is armored hence the 2 AC and 5% spell failure, it is the light armor wf and should receive light PRR which would be FAR from game breaking. I didn't ask for PRR in the game but if you wish to bring it at least keep it honest.

That is all.