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10-03-2013, 02:23 PM
yo, building an acrobat at the moment, need some clues about a couple of questions popped by while using the char generator.

1) do acrobat enhancement on staves stack with heishin enhancement on staves?

I believe this is an important thing to consider for dps purposes and have absolutely no clue about the eventual stacking of bonus or not. please, help.

2) in both cases (enhancement stacking or not), which would be the best enhancement tree to follow?

basic plan was rog13/mnk7 - horc (an old horc build to fix with LR+20 after U19) DEX based, second life, trying to maximise dps, dodge% and doublestrike via grandmaster of form - air stance.
on the char generator I went for acrobat tree (around 33 ap spent there) and ninja tree mainly (up to shadowfade and some more sneak attack dice plus shadowdodge trigger 3/3), then horc for dps with 2HW and extra action boost 3/3 due my 5x haste.
in case enhancements stack, things would change of course.
any help?

10-03-2013, 02:26 PM
I haven't tried it but if the enhancements have the same name they are not generally meant to stack (except for stat bonuses). If they do it is likely a bug that could be fixed at any time.

10-03-2013, 03:55 PM
I haven't tried it but if the enhancements have the same name they are not generally meant to stack (except for stat bonuses). If they do it is likely a bug that could be fixed at any time.

You might check the Big F'n Stick (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/158960-Big-F-n-Stick-Build) thread where we've been discussing the same thing. I don't think they are stacking, but we need someone to test. Regardless, HORC gets THF bonuses that would stack nicely (+4/+6).

If going H-Orc you should probably consider a STR build as they get bonuses to STR and there are more ways to boost STR than DEX, and you can add in STR based tactics. Then you can run in Earth and not worry about the con/dex penalties as much (earth is nice anyway). You could also consider splashing a level of druid or fighter instead of 7th monk, or even 12/6/2 it with fighter. The fighter level gets you haste boost for 1/2 price and some more damage from kensei. Druid gives ram's might (good even on a dex build) and Shillelagh, echoes of power and qualifies you for emp heal for cocoon.

As for which tree is better, I think it's a matter of taste. My personal opinion is that the first 4 tiers are much much better in acrobat, but the tier 5s are better in henshin. So if building for woo-woo effects and void strike insta-kills go henshin, otherwise acrobat. If they don't stack it frees up points for shadow fade, kensei, etc. If they do stack then... bonus!

10-03-2013, 04:57 PM
Pretty sure they do not stack since the base damage rating on my stout oak walking stick remains the same when equipped both with and without henshin line active. I ended up going ninja for shadow fade and extra sneak attack dice

10-03-2013, 05:02 PM
thanks, pretty useful giuidelines.
i actually went for a dex based build as i have a wealth of gear boosting dex and tactics, still keeping a decent STR tho. all my monks have always been in earth stance but this time i wanted to try air for maximising doublestrike% and alacrity.
druid is not an option as the char was LG, maybe on third life as it will be LN. the experiment is indeed to see if a dex build is worthy in order to have a defined plan for next life about keeping dex or going str based.

what now concernes me is dodge%. i just went through an EH tor run with my monk lev 24 and found thrashmobs were able to hit me, a thing which was not happening pre U19 (dodge 25% now 28%, blurry, ghostly/shadowfaded, AC 146).
[1-(0.72*0.8*0.75)]*100= 56.8% misschance. means i evade just standing more than half the hits among the hits able to reach ac 146. how many chances are there one gets almost beaten only by the wrong half? which brings a new question about the effectiveness of maximising dodge.

10-05-2013, 05:02 AM
They stack. Right now I have a 9rog/4mon. All dex. My biggest regret is building her to have 12 strength and. It 13... But the increased criticals help more a lot. I'm going to end up more 9rog/11 monk... Just for the monk past life as I'm going full dex ninja spy monk next life. I went almost al the way up the acrobat staff side, but stopped short to work my ap on henshin monk. I'm eventually going to get tier 5 for henshin because I want to use the tier 5 ability " shadow cannot exist without light" I think the extra healing and dot light damage will help tremendously.

I also use lighting the candle when they aren't fire immune quite a bit. Since I have the henshin enhancement that regens my ki over time it's not quite as noticeably hurting me just yet.