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10-02-2013, 11:15 AM
Please, please please fix these things!!!!!

Your character sheet should have the following information added, either directly or in a hovering tool tip form:

More complete ability score and secondary stat breakdown. "Items and Effects: +4" doesn't tell me what the items and effects are. It should.
Spell Penetration: Put it with the Spell Power box.
Skill Miscellaneous Modifier Breakdown: It would be nice to see exactly what is adding to or subtracting from the skill modifier.

I'm sure there is other information that should be available at a glance.

Your Inventory should have the following information added:

Weapon Stats: Total damage potential. Right now, my character is holding a staff with a base damage range of 4-12. On the drop down, the damage is listed as 4-12. So I don't know the total bonus to my damage, for determining things likes potential crit damage and such. The listed damage should include everything that affects it. So if I have a base d6 damage +3 staff, with +6 Strength bonus, and +8 from enhancements and such, +2d6 light damage, it should read Damage (1-6) +16+2d6. This section should also list seconary effects of the equipped weapon, and total attack speed and double strike modifiers.
Armor: This little section should also list any provided non-blocking DR, and total PRR, as on the main Character sheet.

There's just a lot of information we need to know that is not readily available and it should be. Please focus on fixing things like this for a while. Thanks.

11-27-2013, 03:40 AM
SPELL PENETRATION!!! Yes, I know how to calculate it, but the point of a character sheet is to have your stats listed for quick and easy reference.
Also, "LORE" so you know your crit % for each type of spell.

Those 2 missing stats drive me to drink.

If character sheets were a database of sorts, new fields could be created by players using formulas linked to other stats.

-I'm Vorpalface Thunderballs and I support this message.

11-27-2013, 04:43 PM
Totally agreed.
in the small window for each elements, it could say: "Elem: +Spellpower (+Crits chance% ) +Spell Penetration"

As an archer, i'd like to see my change of double shot...why melee can see double strike but not ranged?

I think its also missing Mouvement Speed to know where your bonus come from.

Oh! and while im on this subject, in the inventory, adding onHit, onVorpal effect too.
I noticed that if you have more than one, they dont always stack, so it would be nice to see which one is working to optimize my equips