View Full Version : Amaunator Handwrap Conversion WAI?

09-29-2013, 05:37 PM
I noticed this a long time ago and finally decided to ask if this is WAI. As you may know, Eveningstar challenge reward weapons can have any enchantment on them. This includes some greensteel effects. I have gotten both level 16 and 20 wraps to convert into a collar. When my Defender equipts either it seems to randomly add 3 new enchantments to the collar. The 3 change every time I take the collar off and put it back on. This can lead to really powerful combinations because one of those 3 is almost always another greensteel effect and other effects appear too, like wounding or paralyzing. The quality seems to increase with the level of wraps. The level 16 occasionally has paralyzing, but the 20 has improved paralyzing.

Are these collars supposed to do this?