View Full Version : Twindblade or Deathnip

09-29-2013, 06:28 AM
I built a Charisma based PDK Iconic Paladin for Cormyrian Knight Training. Now I'm not sure which of the two weapon(if any at all) to get. Twinblade I think would get 1 neg level which isn't too much to worry about as its mostly -1 saves and 5hp. While Deathnip would mean dropping the Charisma for hit and damage and using Divine Might. Divine Might gives me the same Strength mod I have for Charisma which is not a problem either as I have 20 Turns at 15.

Or should I just stick with Knights Blade and change it to Oathblade at 20 until I can get a CITW weapon or even First Blood.