View Full Version : Workaround for bugged ahield animation.....

09-28-2013, 11:58 AM
so as title states, idea is pretty simple, since this bug after over half year still is around and kickin, and barely made it to known issues list, then maybe some idea is needed how to work around it without fixing it (if its that much trouble).

so idea is, copy (ctrl+c ctrl+v) the chain of animations that is used for both shield and 1 weapon, and replace the 4th problematic animation with common attack with shieldbash, it always procs on 4th attack, even if user does not have improved shield bash feat, improved shield bash would just give chance for shieldbash occur on other 3 attacks in chain. it would not only fix the problem but also MAYBE give little bit more dps to all shield users.

realy this annoying bug is around for far too long and its time for something bad to happen to it.

EDIT: yes i know there is typo in title....