View Full Version : Dexterity Tempest's normal damage range.

09-28-2013, 10:14 AM
AT level 22 I'm doing 30-40 base damage and 50-60 against favoured enemies with scimitars. I know i need to concentrate on weapons with lots of effects but the base damage seems a bit low. My Wizard get's 20-30 with daggers and has no feats to help with melee. Power attack doesn't seem to be boosting damage either.

Is the correct or i have i missed something. My dex is as high as i can get it for now and weapons are always being collected. I have Weapon Focus, Weapon Spec, Improved Critical and Power critical, all the TWF feats.

Is this normal for dexterity Tempest?

09-30-2013, 03:05 AM
Well base damage matters less now that theres so many sources of +damage on gear, particularly the new Deadly affix, so its not surprising if your wizzy is getting comparable damage to your scim tempest. Where it still matters most is when you're using +W attacks like Bleed Them Out or Exposing Strike. Its not so much weapon effects that matter - with a high crit weapon like Scims, your base damage counts a lot more. PA should be working, too.

You should be doing 2[1d6] +5 (Enchantment), +4 (Tempest line), +6 (Deadly), say easily +5 (Dex), +5 (PA), +?2(Kensei) conservatively - so 30-40 base damage sounds about right, for an adequately but not spectacularly geared L22.

I'm more concerned about you taking a poor feat choice: Weapon Spec and Focus are, obviously, Kensei prereqs, but Power Crit is almost never a worthwhile choice...and none of those but Weapon Spec are going to improve the base damage you're looking at.

10-02-2013, 06:54 AM
At least i know i am in the right range for my damage, thanks dude. How come power critical is not worth it, doesn't that increase the chance of criticals and increase the damage of criticals? I have the ring of the stalker now which has a +6 seeker enchantment, does it not stack with power critical?

Also my damage has gone up substantially after capping the primal Avatar ED. L24 and using a GS scimitar i get 50-60, with criticals in the 300's. Gonna be devastating when i get to 26 and take perfect TWF and get the L26 Skirmishers Bracers.