View Full Version : Divine Condemnation Tank (19.2)

09-27-2013, 03:39 PM
I'm trying this build out of a first lifer right now, so I don't have all the specifics nailed down... It's more of a concept
Elf 20Fvs undying court
Enhancements: 18 elf(focus on scimitar enhancements + skill) 21 AOV (scourge, articles of faith, quicken, archon) 41 warpriest(weakening, vessel, divine power, divine might, righteous weapons, implacable foe, yada yada...)

Black dragonscale set (double strike! important for vessel, smite heal + vuln)
Frostbite blade (adds to vuln from smite and keeps them from falling off, plus the slow is nice)
fabricator's bracers for threat+buff
Madstone aegis, wall of wood, maybe something else, not really sure which shield yet tbh

Feats not in order:
shield mastery
imp shield mastery
imp crit slash
great cleave
overwhelming crit
flavor to taste

ED: unyielding
twist in momentum swing + lay waste

Basic Idea:
with vuln stacks from smite, and frostbite you should be able to get it to fast 20% and keep it there, as a main tank on a boss you should be able to keep divine condemnation up as well. 20% vuln to all damage + 50% vuln to light and alignment means your DPs will hit hard, as will anyone else with a celestia or light spec angels in party(can't do this with celestia just yet because righteous weapons borks it and need another source of vuln stacks but drow/w celestia would be ideal) and your archon + vessel will be poking away at it. with black dragon armor 20% bypass and 50% reduced fort from condemnation you can push any boss down to almost zero fort against you. there is also weaken construct/undead for dealing with fort

You can drop some AOV and grab the dragonmark for displacement
this will be a minimum wisdom build, max strength and high cha for Divine might
and need a decent con so you don't get instagibbed, will need lots of PRR too.
should be fun :p