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09-27-2013, 02:46 PM
Since Knife Specialization enhancing the Crit profile of daggers gravely (15-20x3 with IC:Pierc), I am wondering what's the best option to maximize the crit damage on a Dagger user. Since Knife Mastery is a Tier 5 ability, one needs to take at least 5 levels of rogue and spend 32 APs in the Assassin Tree.

But apart from that, there's alot space to explore how to get more damage on these daggers:

12 Fighter has Kensai with a lot extra damage (+6, iirc) and Power Surge (+8 Str). This consumes roughly 25 APs. Less Fighter forfeits the action surge, but can get some of the extra damage tiers for 1, 4 or 8 fighter levels.
6 Ranger has Tempest which is less damage (+4), but you get a nice offhand double strike bonus. Also, you get Ram's might for +2 Damage, +2 Str. This consumes about 25 APs as well.
4 Paladin has Divine Might, which is your Cha Mod as Str bonus. This is usually as high as Power Surge, scales with your character development and costs 11 APs. Divine Favor is a nice bonus.
Barbarian levels offer Rage, but this inhibits scroll casting. I don't know how much Str you can get from Barb splashes.
Bard has Inspire Courage which is 1/2/3 at Bard levels 1/8/14. This can be improved by 1/2 at Bard 3/12, for a total Inspire Courage Bonus of +5 at Bard 14. Furthermore, Bard offers Scaldic Rage, which is +4 Str.
1 Druid has Ram's Might again.
1 Cleric or 1 Favored Soul offers Divine Might as a Spell, for a more AP-friendly option compared to Paladin. This is probably more damage than Ram's Might, but needs a higher Stat investment.

Am I missing any important significant to-damage options from some classes or trees?

So far, it looks like there are some interesting options for knife builds:

12 Fighter/5 Rogue/1 Cle or FVS or Drd
13 Rogue/6 Ranger/1 Cle or FVS
13 Rogue/6 Fighter/1 Cle or FVS or Drd
11 Rogue/8 Fighter/1 Cle or FVS or Drd
12 Ranger/7 Rogue/ 1 Cle or FVS
14 Bard/5 Rogue/1 Cle or FVS

Are there other interesting archetypes one could