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09-27-2013, 08:28 AM
I have a couple quick questions for anyone who's tried using this.

Does the blindness portion of the ability only proc on attacks made from stealth?
Does it stack with radiance?
Any ideas on what the proc rate might be?
Has it seemed useful at all?

The questions come out of the fact that I would like to try and create a viable Shadar-Kai Assassin (just for the looks factor really), but their enhancement tree mostly looks pretty meh. If this is actually good, it might be worth speccing into the tree with something like:

Tier 1:
1 ap - Shadar Kai Grit
3 ap - stealthy
2 ap - keen senses

Tier 2:
2 ap - Shadar Kai Int
3 ap - Improved Dodge
2 ap - Guile

Tier 3:
2 ap - Guile

Tier 4:
2 ap - Gloom Stalker

Avoiding all the chain rubbish. But this is still 17 ap for 2 sneak dice, 3% dodge, and a (possibly useful) proc as far as I'm concerned.


EDIT: Oh, and as I'm probably going to try building one tonight anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on feats? I was going with
1. TWF
3. Insightful reflexes
6. Precision
12. IC: Pierce
15. GTWF
18. Dodge?
21. ISA
24. Mobility?
26. PTWF?
27. Blinding Speed?
28. Elusive Target?

Anything with question marks I'm not totally sure about, the rest are probably set in stone (possibly weapon finesse, but was going to stick with daggers only)


Got bored. Planned out full enhancement list:

Assassin - 49 points
Knife in the Darkness
Sneak Attack Training
Dagger in the Back
Sneak Attack Training
Venomed Blades
Damage Boost
Bleed Them Out
Assassin's Trick
Critical Accuracy
Sneak Attack Training
Critical Damage
Sneak Attack Training
Measure the foe
Knife Specialization
Deadly Shadow

Shadar Kai - 17 points
Shadar Kai Grit
Keen Senses
Shadar Kai Intelligence
Improved Dodge
Gloom Stalker

Thief-Acrobat - 14 points
Staff Control
Faster sneaking
Haste Boost

And I can't actually see anything more that I really want from the Thief-Acrobat or Mechanic tree. I'm a bit of a rogue noob though, so someone else might be able to point out obvious flaws.

09-27-2013, 11:09 AM
Let me preface this by saying that I'm new to the Assassin biz. I used to dream about one-shotting mobs and leading the kill count among my opponents, er, party members.

Lately, I feel like I've been living the dream. :)

The blindness procs frequently for me at EH lvls, I couldn't guess how often really, as observable results are skewed by Assassinations/Executions. But it seems to proc more often than most other observable critical effects. I'm only lvl 22 so far, and I've never been too "End Game" oriented, so I can't speak to EEs, too much or latter lvl Epics; and I'm still learning the trade, so I'm not hugely rushed.

I've been told that they either stack, or just work really well together.

I have yet to find a Radiance weapon with an ML low enough and the right properties to make me put down my Sacrificial Daggers or mob-specific vorpals. I still need some shards to make a Rad II weapon. But I'll check the AH and see what I can do this eve.

Don't go poo-pooing the chain until you've tried it; I recommend maxing that branch out and using it during your lowbie favor runs, at least. You start out space poor, and you'll want House K and Coinlord favor; you'll want a Voice or Mantle, and there are a lot of quest with mobs that can't be assassinated and SA won't work well. It seems to be untyped damage and does a lot of harm to a training dummy.

It will expedite favor soloing at the very least.

I'm on my iPhone, so I'll stop here and try to comment on some of the rest from a PC this eve.

10-13-2013, 06:48 AM
did either of you guys ever figure out the proc rates for the deception and blindness?

is the deception "from sneak" like assassinate, or "on sneak attack" like crippling strike? in other words, can it at least proc while you have a target bluffed/blinded? i'm guessing it's "from sneak" but i'd be ecstatic to be wrong there.

10-13-2013, 12:45 PM
I have never seen a Radiance weapon that blinds. Is that only a green steel thing or could I pester a crafter to make me one?

10-15-2013, 03:20 AM
I have never seen a Radiance weapon that blinds. Is that only a green steel thing or could I pester a crafter to make me one?

Random gen Radiance weapons that blind have a suffix, I believe e.g. +1 flaming eggbeater of radiance

The alternative is a GS Aspect of Radiance II weapon. That one procs on critical.

10-15-2013, 03:41 AM
Idk about rogues to much but I can tell you now your feats are all off , check some builds out on the forums . Why reflex feat ?

Are you going the optimal rogue build or the flavor build ?

10-15-2013, 09:00 AM
I have never seen a Radiance weapon that blinds. Is that only a green steel thing or could I pester a crafter to make me one?

i've got a lootgen one in the bank, think it even has some handy shock dmg on it. however when trying to find a repeater on the AH i've found they are very rare, which leads me to believe they are not dropping at the moment and the only stuff on the AH is old stuff from before the latest loot tweaks.

there is also a name clash, "of radiance" can either be blindness on crit or a boost to spell power for casters. so if you search in simple weapons you will get a ton of results and have to wade through a mountain of tripe. i guess daggers might have a better chance as caster stuff seems to favour the scepter over other weapon types.

10-15-2013, 09:13 AM
OP, one tip for you, it seems venom blades messes with assassinate. if a mob has no aggro the venom blades damage appears to apply before the rest of the attack which instantly puts them into the aggroed state thus negating the rest of your sneak attack making them immune to your assassination attempt. it's still a good enhancement, but one you need to manage for the moment until turbine get round to patching it.

in a group you have more flexibility as there is more chance the mob will already have aggro thus not care about your venom damage leaving the rest of your attack to still qualify as a sneak attack

that top tier gloom stalker ability does seem to be well worth the points. it mimics the effect of some of the most important bits of gear a budding rogue will be aiming for. i believe your starting gear includes a deception item (might be on that weapon pair you get) which is the "envelop their targets in darkness" part of gloom. when you get a radiance weapon and an improved deception item (upgraded ring of lies from GH or golden guile from lord of dust) you could see if the items increase your procs of both effects. if they don't help then you have the choice of saving action points or saving gear slots which will still be a nice position to be in!

as for enhancements you've not mentioned how many ranks you take in each. i can heartily recommend full ranks in measure the foe to drop the time to get max bonus down to something far more comfortable.

you can get bonuses to UMD and wand/scroll healing power in the mechanic tree (the self healing boost is great!). you can get faster sneaking in the acrobat tree (i wouldn't want to sneak without it, and it makes assassinated awkwardly positioned mobs in the face a lot easier). those are the most common dips for rogues who aren't interested in the rest of the trees