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09-26-2013, 01:14 PM
Pre-expansion/update I had planned a final life for my archer as an elven/halfelven Ranger2/Monk6/Fvs12 for constant ranged dps with ample saves, damage avoidance, evasion, and selfheals
- Ranger 2 for Bow Strength and rapid shot; DWS and Tempest have some nice enhancements too
- Monk 6 is essential for 10k Stars but also 3 feats, Ninjaspy (Shadow Veil/SA/Agility/Acrobatic) Henshin (+1 ki from Contemplation is a must for constant ranged dps)
- Fvs for quickened Heals and Silver Flame Warpriest (longbow!)

But! there are just not enough AP for all the goodies. These seem like musts:
- 10+4 AP to unlock+take Arcane Archer in halfelf tree
- 30+5 AP in AA to unlock and take Moonbow, Slaying Arrows and Runebow in AA tree
- 5+3 AP in Henshim Mystic to unlock and take 3 ranks of Contemplation for Ki+1 (getting some spell power, turtle conc+hp along the way)

Then to wants:
- 16 poits in Ninja Spy to get Shadow Veil, 3x Sneak Attack Training, Sting of the Ninja and 3 ranks Agility.
- 11 AP in Tempest for 3 ranks Improved Reaction and Haste Boost
- 13 or more AP in Warpriest for 3x Righteous Weapon, Resilience of Battle, Sanctuary, and Inflame. Would like more Imflame and Blur/haste would be great, requiring 21 AP to get both

This is 97 AP so it seems to not be possible to get all the great enhancements available. Any suggestions what to give up?

Edit: Might go human instead of halfelf and replace ranger2 with paladin2 or rogue2; feats will be tighter and it will not help with very tight AP (too many good ones!)

09-30-2013, 04:30 AM
Well good news/bad news....Sting of the Ninja doesn't work with bows, apparently, so you can save your points there. Bad news, if you were planning on DEX-to-dmg for your bows via Ninja Spy, that doesn't work with bows either, so you'll have to take Elf and invest the AP to unlock Grace. Since you weren't taking Divine Might, I figured you were going DEX.

Why take Haste and Inflame action boosts? Can you use them both at the same time?

Heres how I think I'd do it...

-21 in Elf for AA, 4xWeapon, and Skill.
-37 in AA for Slayer, Moonbow, Runebow, 2 Dex, and the core line, with Force as your primary imbue
-Drop Tempest
-8 in Henshin for Ki
-13 in Ninja for Dodge, Veil, Agil, and 2 ranks of Sneak
-Drop Warpriest
And the last point goes to Grace (if you want to go dex) or DWS for another Sneak die (if you want to go str)

IMO Tempest isn't worth it just for Haste boost and saves, and Warpriest isn't worth it just for +3 enhancement, Inflame, and some defense. I think I'd rather have all those passive bonuses than an occasional action boost.

Also, you mean you might go Elf and give up the /2 Rgr? If you go Human with no Rgr, then of course you lose AA :)