View Full Version : Stop running off your players! SAGAs, 20th raid lists, etc. Turbined again...

09-25-2013, 06:31 PM
Between giving us sagas, then pulling them away just as people were getting them done(twice), screwing people out of 20th raid completions(several of my guildies have had to take a "break" from the game over this), and in general allowing people to "buy" good characters (+5 tomes in the store, ottos boxes for completionist without all that pesky playing, +6 skill tomes in store), pop-up adds in my inventory screen (nothing like dying in a mission because the ddo store wants to launch because my last inv spot is a pop-up add) , and in general giving ddo the feel of " we're gonna get all the money out of em we can here at the end of this games lifespan(i swear it's like Perfectworld got involved somewhere)"
So here's my suggestions on how you could have handled things much better:
Sagas = If people were getting screwed out of the end reward for whatever reason then step up the customer support, handle all the tickets and get them their reward that way. If people were figuring out some way to get the reward without doing the missions or something, well that doesn't affect me the legit player, hope they made their toons less gimp that's one less person i may not have to carry through a raid., but whatever you do don't screw the rest of us over it, and putting them in and pulling them out TWICE like that, I swear it's like you're trying to make us mad.
Raid completion lists = So you fixed that right , yeah I'd say you did, alot of my buddies had their completions automatically advance with the last update from less than 20 completions to more than 20 completions, when they turned in a ticket they were told that there was nothing you guys could do that they were just out their 20th list. This is UNACCEPTABLE customer service. If you guys need to give a free 20th completion to everyone that ran the raid it would have been better than screwing the people who earned it. I can't believe you couldn't make some special item like a raid timer that you could send to those that got skipped that they could use and then their next turn in would give a 20th list, something, anything other that how you handled it.
STOP being so greedy : I understand you have a business and you need to make money but the way to do that is to increase your player base, not sell everything other toons work so hard for in the store and make their accomplishments seem like nothing some kid can't get with his daddy's credit card. What your doing now is giving a bad feel to the game and running off alot of your long time players without bringing in nearly enough new players to compensate. The message your sending now is that it's ok to exploit, as long as they are Turbine approved (sold) exploits, which I'm sure the bean-counters are fine with that but you the game developers have to be better than that , you have to be gamers or you're gonna ruin the game.

I'm an officer in the most active guild on my server, lately we have so many people falling out of the game and not playing anymore more than i can ever remember since I came to the game back when free-to-play started, and have been absorbing the remnants of other guilds left and right as the same thing happens to them, so I do feel that i know what I'm talking about here. It truly does feel like the game's dying out to me. It may not seem like it but I truly love this game and I hope you guys can turn this around some how. I can't help with marketing and all that other stuff, but I can tell you how it looks from my point of view as a 8 hour a day gamer, hopefully the insight will allow you to make some much needed changes and get some more people playing again. In fact things have gotten so bad that my guild now refers to getting screwed over by something as "getting Turbined"