View Full Version : Grandmaster of Flowers - Dancing with flames set to tier 4

09-25-2013, 06:17 PM

There is one thing that I feel is really wrong... when it comes to Grandmaster of Flowers Epic Destiny I noticed that you could Twist of Fate and get all "upgrades" to stances except Dancing with flames which is a tier 4 ability. I fail to see the reason for this and would really like to see that all the upgrades to the stances should be able to picked with Twist of Fate so you can have the option to choose whichever of them you like.

So either do like this:

Tier 1: Running with Wind
Tier 2: Walking with Waves
Tier 3: Standing with Stone
Tier 4: Dancing with Flames


Tier 2: Running with Wind
Tier 3: Walking with Waves
Tier 4: Standing with Stone OR Dancing with Flames (you get to choose one of the stances)

This makes more sense since all ki users regardless of what stance they prefer have the option to choose an upgrade to the stance.

Best Regards!