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09-24-2013, 07:19 AM
Im liking my purple dragon Knight,but would like some self healing. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

09-24-2013, 08:35 AM

Create one with 14 clr or fvs levels?

all joking asside:

Create one with decent charisma and splash 2 levels of a umd class? (rogue for evasion?) and scroll heal?
deep splash with bard for self healing?
Silver flame potions as a back up?
Cary a healing hireling?
take 13 levels of paladin (2 fighter for feats)

09-24-2013, 09:18 AM
take 13 levels of paladin (2 fighter for feats)

Why Not Splash Pally for the Lay on Hands and Super Saves etc. on Mainline Fighter?

09-24-2013, 11:07 AM
Well I've got a "eventual eSoS" build that eventually plans to go 8 fighter 12 Bard for CHA synergy, CC, self heals, displacement haste, bard buffs. I will do this when two things happen: LR or TR becomes possible for Iconics, and also I manage to get all the parts and make an eSoS. Until then my build is 15 Bard 2 fighter and I am torn between 3 Barb (for angry arms mad munitions and Supreme cleave) or 3 Cleric for Divine Might, and some other low hanging Cleric splash goodies.

Bard is an underrated multiclass on a melee, their PrE trees are nothing special, but the class levels bring a lot to the table, and Perform + Fascinate in guild groups that take advantage of your Fascinates is quite powerful (in PUG's on the other hand... well lets just say that's why you're doing a melee split). Of course Bard as a splash or deep Multi is mostly underrated because the alignment keeps you from taking a Monk splash. I realize 2 fighter is a long way off what many thing of as a PDK knight but really once you've got the feats you need, finding a synergy and a way to self heal... a lot of Pali levels or Bard seem like a no brainer on a PDK iconic.

Personally I think of PDK iconics as a Fighter splash looking for a Charisma based main class. So yeah a melee Sorc, Bard, or Pali seem obvious... In this case the self healing requirement leaves Pali and Bard as fairly obvious choices. Bard's are far better at self healing than Pali's, and get more utility out of a maxed Charisma.

09-24-2013, 11:12 AM
I'm partial to the PDK 2Fighter/13Pally build, but I've always liked paladins. Strength 16 and +1 level up is all you need. Max out charisma for hit/damage with longswords, shortswords, bastard swords and great swords. Charisma then adds to your smites, turn undead, combat feats, LOH, saves, etc.

09-26-2013, 04:17 PM
I am still really torn between three possible directions on my PDK Bard DC casting/Buffing/healing Bard with side of charisma based Great Sword melee... (That much is set at least). 15 bard 1 or 2 fighter and either 3 Barb (in which case 2 Fighter) or 4 Divine (Cleric or FvS) with 1 Fighter or 3 Divine and 2 fighter

3 Barb 2 Fighter = More offensive, Angry Arms and Mad Munitions for glancing blows, Supreme Cleave (if they've fixed the cooldown bug), and a base run speed increase (also sprint boost), more HP and I would probably find a way to get Tier 3 "Arcane encumbrance" from the Occult slayer tree. 2 Fighter gets me some extra Dodge and +2 to hit and +1 damage with Great swords and an extra feat.

4 Divine 1 Fighter = Ameliorating Strike (an AOE 200-ish HP burst heal every 15 seconds that costs no mana, I love this on my Melee Soul), great healing due to extra positive energy spell power, Shield of Condemnation (if FvS) or yet more healing boost (if Cleric = some radiant servant tree) more PRR than Barb. And the linch pin: access to 4 more points of Charisma (+2 DC's for Bard's CC)

3 Divine 2 fighter = Combat tacticals using Divine might is very intriguing. In this case I would be doing melee tacticals instead of glancings blow procs. Gear plus Skaldic rage (+4 STR from warchanter) will put my STR score in the mid 30's with 13-14 at build (and +4 tome) Divine Might will boost this up around 50... roughly speaking, but still a point or two less than my Charisma which will also be up around mid 50's, this means the PDK Charisma to tacticals (one third of your Charisma mod is added to your STR mod for tactical DC's) could be a net gain over a normal full ****** Strength fighter build.

As an example 52 Charisma is a +21 Mod, that's +21 to strength score (making a 30 STR into a 51 Strength), which allows you to get one third of your charisma mod to tacticals. So you you now have a base tacitcals DC of 10 to 14 +20 +7. before gearing and enhancements.

In other words you have the tactical DC's of a fighter with 64 Strength. Pretty good as this is just an example and more Charisma and STR are both possible without sacrificing much at build (a 14 STR 16 CON 18 CHA build is easy to achieve these numbers, if you TR x2 you have another 4 points to put into STR, then there's the +5 tomes (soon +6) and 40's STR and 60's Charisma should not be hard)...

As I type this I am leaning toward the Tactical Combat option as a fun and different challenge, it will also have the healing and survivability low hanging fruit from Warpriest tree. Crowd Control options out the wazoo... Fascinate, Trip, stun, Dance ball, Sound Burst stuns, Hold Monster with great EH DC's (and decent DC's in easier EE's, Fascinate for the harder EE's)... and pretty good Melee DPS with all those buffs, survivability from displacement/Dodge/PRR and the best self healing you can get without someone asking/expecting you to group heal :)

09-26-2013, 04:27 PM
I'm partial to the PDK 2Fighter/13Pally build, but I've always liked paladins. Strength 16 and +1 level up is all you need. Max out charisma for hit/damage with longswords, shortswords, bastard swords and great swords. Charisma then adds to your smites, turn undead, combat feats, LOH, saves, etc.

I'd be tempted to go all the way to 1 fighter/14 pally especially on a new server. Summoning holy weapons right out of the gate (or at least once you get the plat to buy the components) is outstanding. You can add in more fighter levels later if desired but that's a great start there.

10-16-2013, 09:32 AM
This was adapted from Strength build posted on Paladin forum.

Ive currently got a 2/2/16 pdk/monk/paladin on live that level 23 and 26 on Lamannia. Had to use tomes at certain levels to meet ability requirements(2nd and 3rd lifes will be easier to change the feat order). Wouldn't mind fitting in Combat Expertise and Whirlwind at 24 and 27, if Whirlwind is no longer bugged with weapons equipped.

Biggest weakness is low base strength means no overwhelming critical and if you get fail a reflex save on bear traps and webs you stuck in the for the duration. So took full Divine Might to help with this and a nice boost to DC's for Lay Waste.

You can get 45% doublestrike with this setup using First Blood so can drop IC:Slash for another feat.

1 Human shield mastery
1 fighter bastard sword
1 power attack
3 cleave
6 great cleave
9 improved crit slash
12 two handed
12 monk dodge
13 monk mobility
15 spring attack
16 figher improved two handed
18 greater two handed
21 improved shield mastery
24 toughness/force of personality/quicken/emp heal
26 perfect two handed fighting
27 force of personality/epic toughness/quicken/emp heal
28 perfect two weapon fighting(5% doublestrike)

Unyielding Sentinel with Momentous Swing, Lay Waste and Rejuv twisted in.