View Full Version : Easier TR Life for Arti

09-23-2013, 12:21 PM
Between Wizzie, Ranger and Sorc, which are easier as far as TR'ing for a PL go?

The reason I ask is that I have an arti (w/ 2 Ranger PLs) with a LR +20 in the bank. So I can respec him to anything before the next TR.
To help make the decision, I'd like to know which Arti PL oriented builds work better these days. I'll then respec into the weaker class and TR thus avoiding that life.

Two Contstraints:
Race: Warforged
Main Hand: XBox


09-24-2013, 12:20 PM
Xbox? Are you going to challenge the Orcs and Wights to a round of Halo? :)

Between those three, I'd probably burn the LR to save a Sorc or Wizzie life. Ranger is horribly easy in Heroic, so if you want that third life, just play it through. I havent played a Wizzie, I have played a melee Sorc, which was pretty fun, but that was pre-EP, so I'm not sure if Sorc plays a lot different now, or if Wizzie is a lot improved since then. Depends on your preferred playstyle, too - if you like casters, then go ahead and play some casters.

Also, it'll probably be real hard to play an xbow-slinging caster, the feats are way too tight.

09-24-2013, 08:03 PM
Hands-down, burn the heart to get you a freebie on ranger. WF healing on a ranger isn't so hot, and while it's fun it's got tons of non-reuse all over it. A sorc or wizzy you could spec for electric damage and reuse serious gear, plus you'd be an arcane self healer all lives.

Sorc and Wizard are easy peasy lives if you know what you're doing - that said, your main hand may end up being "any caster stick" instead of the xbow.

If you actually want to USE an Xbow, if you're only going to do one each of wiz/sorc do the sorc (wizard has more feats, thus more fun). If you're going to do 3 sorc, go ahead and use the heart to fake wizard (since it is different). 3x sorc you can have a nice gear rotation and get into a groove.