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09-22-2013, 01:55 AM
Having read some of the threads where people are disappointed with the current End Game for DDO, I have been reflecting on how to improve it. From what I see, there are four facets people focus on with the "end game" - TRs, EDs, items, and socializing. What happens when you've got all the past lives you want, you've maxed all your EDs, and you have all the items you want? Socializing is the only thing left, and that lasts only as long as you're interested in the company you keep. People can wait, of course. As long as the game is profitable, Turbine will continue to produce more content. But, at the end of whatever new level cap and power boost, people will hit the same ceiling.

To keep people interested, End Game needs to give them things they want. And it needs to be something that will have people coming back for more. That means either something new is constantly being generated, or something that only has a limited existence. Therefor, my suggestion is to incorporate limited "awakened" gear, temporary items, consumables, aesthetic items, and other things more for the fun of it.

Awakened Gear
DDO already incorporates the concept of getting good gear, and then getting some object to further boost them. What if the enhancements for the truly end-game items is on a more temporary basis? Let the base item be good enough to compete with similar gear of lower levels, but then really shine when they are awakened. Have it something that people covet, and want to get to tool around in the end-game raids and events. And make it temporary.

My suggestion is that the item has a renewable counter. Either the power lasts for a moderate time (12-24 hours, something like that) of in-mission time, or an extended (72+ hours?) period of time that counts down regardless of if you're on or not. At the end of the period, the item loses its enhancements until you go through the process of wakening it again. Additionally, include "Reservoirs of Power" or some other appropriately fancy sounding source. They are found at the end of certain end-game quests; when you complete the quest, you can choose to use the reservoir to recharge your Awakened Gear. This resets their timers to full, so you don't have to grind as much in order to keep your fancy item still fancy.

Temporary Items & Fun Consumables
Include awesome ship buffs as parts of the rare drops for end-game things. Like, Fused Elemental Shrine, that gives a stacking 10 resistance to all 5 elemental types. Drop special hirelings, like a paragon kobold, a beholder, a hill giant, etc.

Include consumables that have fun effects. If you're at end game, you deserve the ridiculous stuff. An oil that gives a temporary +3d6 elemental damage for 3 hours, persists through death. Fly Potion - come on, if they're at end game, they deserve it. Even if it was just fly for 1 or 2 minutes, people would just have fun with it. Stone of Random Monster, a grenade that functions on EN or lower difficulty, and has a large radius that turns monsters into random other monsters. Barrel of Oil - when you use it, you set down a barrel like with the pork barrels. When it breaks, it immediately casts a high level Grease around it. You could even make one of Flaming Oil, where it starts off burning, or maybe an acid barrel. Make them BtCoA, or if BtA, have a strict ML if they're game-breaking or ridiculous.

Aesthetic Items
There are plenty of people who like adjusting their character's appearance. Include drops for hair styles, colors, and cosmetic kits for armor and equipment that are not purchasable at the DDO store - only the pursuit of end game can net you these. Heck, throw in weapon skins - surround those weapons with auras and change their styles.

Include more cosmetic pets. Better still, create a special Trick for each group of pets which gives them in-game effects. When the pet performs the trick, you get the special benefit. Something like a +2 Pet bonus to a stat, +1d4 damage of an element type for 30 seconds, recover 4d4+10 HP, or +2 DC to a certain spell school for 30 seconds. Give it a long cool down, and have it so that you can have only one Pet Buff at a time. If you had this kind of trick as an end game drop, it would make several players happy.

Crossbow of Air Cannon and Other Nonsensical Equipment
Who says epic items have to be all about the "killbetterness?" Make fun equipment that adds other effects. Have the Crossbow of Air Cannon - a heavy crossbow that, when fired, causes the "vent jet" effect instead of shooting a bolt. Blast people with it in town or in the PvP areas and send them flying!