View Full Version : Ideas for Golem Hirelings/Summons

09-21-2013, 06:08 AM
Idea the First: Custom Golem Hireling Creation
What this does is allows players to craft their own, personal golem companion to go bashing around and following their orders. While this won't appeal to people who don't like or want to use hirelings, for those who do... how many people already want to see a customizable companion?

A new item is introduced as a random drop - Tome of Golem Creation. It has four varieties - Lesser, normal, Greater, and Supreme. Lesser tome works toward creating a golem level 10-15, normal tome for golem level 16-20, Greater for 21-25, Supreme for 26+. When summoned, the golem has CR/level equal to the dungeon, up to its range (ie, a lesser golem will have minimum level 10, maximum level 15)

Now, rather then create a whole new slew of items to accompany it, the tome uses existing collectables to make golem parts. The Lesser Golem parts would use the Lesser Tome and collectables you turn in to the Harbor, Marketplace, and the various houses. The "normal" golem parts would use the materials you use for Cannith Crafting. The Greater Golem, either Shavarath stuff or things from the Lord of Eyes arc. Superior Golem, those collectables gathered from the Lord of Blades arc and Cannith wilderness. Or, maybe they all use the low level collectables and Cannith Crafting stuff.

To create the parts, either the Stone of Change will be modified to include golem parts, or a separate "Golem Forge" kind of altar will be included. Each part has multiple options, to give different abilities and stats. There are five parts needed - head, body, legs, arms, and power source. The body determines the base stats the golem has - HP, AC, saves, spell failure chance, damage, etc, as well as a single passive ability. The other four parts adjust the base stats, and add abilities that you can command the hireling to use.

To create the golem, just take five parts of the same level and take them to a Golem Forge. Throw 'em all in, combine, you get a Golem Control Stone that acts like the Onyx Panther.

Idea the Second: Guild Golem
Instead of "make a golem," the golem is an airship feature. Placed in a Crewman slot is either a golem or a golem craftsman. Talking to the crewman gives you a clicky token that dissipates after an hour or when you log out; once a rest, you can use the clicky to summon the golem for 5 minutes. Make it so that you can only carry one token at a time. Different levels of crew determines the kind of golem that can be summoned. Maybe make the golem scale to the dungeon level, so that people don't just snag a high-level golem and run through low level dungeons relying on it...