View Full Version : Cleric Returning to game, advice required

09-20-2013, 07:56 PM

I am returning to the game after about 6 months away and I know there have been substantial changes to the enhancement lines since I last played. I need a bit of advice on what to do with what. Previously my cleric has been used for healing/casting, I don't really do much in the way of combat, so not DPS focussed.

What I am looking for is peoples opinion on what is the best setup for a cleric for current end game content, for raiding and Epic Elite content. I am unsure of what the best setup Enhancement wise is, but I think I have my feats sorted for the most part.

Current feats are Empower Healing, Maximize, Quicken, Heighten, with a couple of Toughness feats thrown in for good measure. I know that Toughness is no longer required, however the extra HPs can be helpful, but I am open to suggestions.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



09-21-2013, 03:08 AM
Since youre a caster, Id suggest a mix of divine disciple and radiant servant. dd up to tier 4 and radiant servant all the way to tier 5 for the aura. Flame strike SLA in dd is a lackluster, and I wouldnt take just 1 evo dc over the aura. You should swap one toughness for empower to make maximum use of the new SLAs and of course for the burst.

Searing light and holy smite are quite nice at mid-levels, but will probably lack in epics, although holy smite has a blind effect which might still help. If you dont think you need the SLAs, grab at least the +2 saves from the 2nd core ability. There is also 2 extra wis in the dd tree which are interesting for a caster. As for spellpower, Id take general spellpower to benefit your heals and blade barrier. Efficient maximize III is very nice for blade barriers and mass cures. If youre into spellpen, you can get 3 spellpen from divine disciple, but I didnt take them.

In radiant servant, grab the obvious stuff: burst and aura, extra turns and regenerating turns. Reactive heal is nice but needs some otherwise useless prereqs. Up to you, you need to spend 30 points in the tree anyway plus you get 1.5 healing spellpower for every point spent in the tree. The enhanced caster level is also nice at mid levels and for spells with no or high max caster level (think mass cures/mass heal/aura/burst), +3 max caster level on heal makes your single target heals hit for 180 base instead of 150 but thats probably not really necessary.