View Full Version : Create Your Own Armor Mask

09-17-2013, 09:20 PM
I would dearly love to see a machine or possibly a vendor; in the Harbor, Marketplace, or possibly Kundarak public areas, that would allow characters to choose:
A) Armor Type (robe through heavy armor)
B) Base Armor Appearance (preferably with pictorial references OR a view-as-you-go field)
C) Base Armor Color/Shade
D) Over-Armor Additions (preferably with shoulder, hip, arm, leg/feet additions separate)
E) Over-Armor Color/Shade

I would not even hope for these items to have any properties on them, nor even be craft-able. The most I hope for is that they will go in the Armor Mask slot on the inventory sheet. I also fervently hope that these would not be excessively expensive, and would be able to be purchased with platinum, so that FTP and Premium account holders (such as myself) could use them. Bound-To-Character is to be expected. Even level restrictions or higher prices for higher-level or not commonly available appearances, while annoying, would be acceptable to keep prices down in general.

The cost for Astral Shards is extreme. Turbine Points are so hard to come by, each one is as valuable to me as real world gold. I (and many others) do not have any real world money to spare. We should be able to purchase these and many other things, in game, with platinum [too few items/services can be bought with platinum].