View Full Version : Best robe/outfit/light armor for a rogue level 20+

09-16-2013, 10:00 AM
I have been wearing the epic utility vest which is great for trapping skills, but I think there most be something better to wear for fighting, sneaking, and assassinating.


09-16-2013, 05:40 PM
The Epic Duelist Leathers aren't a bad option if you managed to make a set when Cove was around. Failing that the Druids armor in e-star is ok for the Commendation turn-ins but admittedly less than ideal. Often I use a Heroic Black Dragonscale Robe I have the Fort bypass, haste guard and relentless fury all hold up rather well and the Epic set is nice but level 25.

Some time ago I gave up on making good DT armor as the grind for it just got to be too much of a pain but if you are patient you can probably put together something decent, trouble is who knows which of the Soverign runes are working or not withe the last few updates. Many of the ones you'd really want have been bugged for awhile (Destruction, Smiting both come to mind) but your millage may vary.

09-26-2013, 08:57 AM
If you try for a dragontouched, i would suggest you make a lightarmor with deathblock + Heal Amp 20% + Radiance guard. The heroic black dragon armor is a good option too, also the epic version is what i mostly use on my rogue. Between level 22 and 24 i was using a Hide of the Goristro with +10 to trip... tis useful :P

Anyways, go for lightarmors or outfits, depending on well you can fit either dodge bonuses or PRR... after cap, you can fit both very well as Shadowdancer since the black dragon armor has a max dex bonus of 19 (which caps dodge bonus at 19) but tier2 Shadowdancer skill named "Lithe" increases light armors MDB by 6, granting you a "full" dodge bonus along with best prr as rogue you can have, from using armor rather than pijamas... IF you are pure rogue, cause if you splash monk level i supose youd rather go pijamas.