View Full Version : BUG: critical admixture heals less than advertised

09-11-2013, 08:07 AM
Arcanotechnician lvl 18 core ability: Curative Admixture: Cure Critical Wounds heals less damage than advertised.

official description: 6d8+8, affected by artificer knowledge: potions
observed effect: 4d6+8+7, not affected by artificer knowledge: potions

tested on: halfling artificer 18
devotion 100 (40 sora kell, 51 arcanotechnician, 9 heal skill) + 100 base = 200%

observed values (criticals halved, sorted from lowest to highest):
42,44,54,54,56,56,56,56,56,58,58,58,58,58,60,60,60 ,62,64,64,64,66,66,68,72
divided by 2 to get base value (200 total devotion)
21,22,27,27,28,28,28,28,28,29,29,29,29,29,30,30,30 ,31,32,32,32,33,33,34,36
average 29.4

Note that basic CCW spell at CL7 in ddo heals for 4d6+8+7, average 29 damage (min 19, max 39) - perfect fit for the observed data
Also note that combat admixture:CCW currently says 6d8+8 (average 35) and also that the effect should be affected by artificer knowledge potions
on an artificer 18, this is +5 caster levels.

Please fix.

09-16-2013, 01:46 AM
The artificer knowledge: potions ability won't increase the healing output of the potion once you pass a certain point, I don't believe. It's a fixed number. The AK:P ability just means that the potion functions at a higher level of effect, and since these have no "level", they just heal for a flat amount. It may be that at lower levels (ie, when you can first pick the ability up) it boosts it a bit, but once you reach higher levels it just doesn't affect it much at all.

With 113 positive spellpower I'm seeing anywhere from 53-76 per cast.

09-17-2013, 03:27 AM
You can pick up this ability at level 18, it is the fifth core ability in the Arcanotechnician tree. You cannot pick it up earlier, so it's not possible to test with lower Artificer:Knowledge level.
I realize that the official description does not mention any caster level, then perhaps the information about "being effected by Artificer Knowledge: Potions" should be removed from the description.

09-19-2013, 06:17 PM
I might also point out that (at least testing it on Lama), the targeting functionality of CCWA works differently than the other Admixtures...it doesn't seem to let you self-target. The same applies to Palliative - if you target yourself and activate it, you still lob it forward, not at your feet. Unless there's something right in front of you for it to break on (a monster, an object, etc.) it wont actually hit you for a benefit.

Even if you point your camera straight down, target yourself, target nothing, etc., still doesn't work.

Also yes, testing out CCWA on Lama, I was extremely underwhelmed by the heals I was getting, just anecdotally. I was trying to see if CCWA would be a viable healing option for a fleshie caster Arti, and I had thought the answer was no. I'm not surprised if its not WAI.