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09-10-2013, 10:10 AM
Build plan … (32 points)

STR: 12
DEX: 8
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 18
CHA: 10


Max concentration, heal, and spellpower
1 point in tumble, rest in balance

I can't decide between spellpower and UMD and I'm open to either. I'll get jump if I get an INT +2 tome. I don't enjoy watching characters laying on their back for long periods of time, and so balance is a must for me.


1. Maximize
1c. Favored of Amaunator
3. Empower
6. Empower healing
6c. That other “Amaunator” thingamabob
9. Heighten
12. Quicken
15. Spell penetration
18. Greater spell penetration
21. Epic spell penetration
24. Spell focus: Necromancy
26. Toughness
27. Greater spell focus: Necromancy
28. Epic spell power: Fire


Divine Disciple – 45 points
full core = 6
SLAs: Chill touch (1), Negative energy burst (3), Mass inflict moderate wounds (2) = 6
full spell points = 3
both wisdom = 4
divine empowerment = 2
all but 2 metas = 12 (full maximize, 1 empower, full heighten)
DC or spellpower = 4 (DCs)
full criticals (negative) = 8

Radiant Servant – 24 points
1st core = 1
full wand & scroll mastery = 3
1 extra turning = 1
1 improved turning = 1
1 mighty turning = 2
full divine healing = 6
full empower healing meta = 6
both wisdom = 4

Morninglord – 11 points
1st core = 1
1 Rejuvenation of Dawn = 2
2 bane of the restless = 2
full arcanum = 6

Epic Destiny

Primal Avatar – Must pass from Unyielding Sentinel to Grandmaster of Flowers, then to Legendary Dreadnought, then to Shiradi Champion, and then to PA to get there.

ED Abilities …
Tier 1: Wisdom, 2 EDPs, Rejuvenation Cocoon (3 EDPs), Insidious Spores (2 or 3 EDPs)
Tier 2: Wisdom, 2 EDPs, Autumn Harvest (3 EDPs)
Tier 3: Wisdom, 2 EDPs
Tier 4: Wisdom, 2 EDPs
Tier 5: Wisdom, 2 EDPs, Spirit boon (2EDPs), perhaps Chill of Winter (1 EDP)
Tier 6: Wisdom, 2 EDPs, perhaps Avatar of Nature (2 EDPs)

Twists …
Shiradi – Healing spring, Illusion of well being, Fey Spring

If this build or some variant on it can get me through to level 28 while mostly soloing, without getting blocked along the way, then I'll be a happy camper. I'm also open to suggestions about how to improve it, while still following the general guidelines (dark disciple focus, primal ED).

If the journey to PA would likely be a painful grind, then please pass that along in your feedback.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions provided.

09-11-2013, 11:05 PM
A few musings about the above build might help to place it better, to promote a discussion.

- I'm new to clerics and so probably some choices look a bit mechanically dubious. I'm particularly wondering whether or not the SLAs will be useful in epics, as I've never played epic levels before.

- I'm trying to avoid Pacificism because of how much it impacts spellpower and it doesn't really fit the theme very well. I'll do a lot of scroll / wand heals, to save SPs, and, hence, the investments in the scroll / wand enhancements.

- I'll get 39 spell pen, after 28 for levels, 8 for feats, and 3 from enhancements. That won't allow me to pierce spell resistance for everything. But, it will pierce spell resistance for a fair number of things, I believe.

- I can't tell if enhancements that reduce the cost of empower or quicken will help to manage SPs better. Based on the thinking that damage will come from spells and healing from scrolls and wands (in many situations), I opted for getting metas in empower over quicken. I also now know that I'll need 2 points in the meta cost reduction enhancements to be able to get 2 points in the heighten cost reduction enhancements (minor, but relevant technical point).

- The "turning" enhancements are intended to work around the weakness of this build to undead (which are healed by negative energy attacks) by simply killing them outright (mighty turning) and/or damaging them in the process of turning them (bane of the restless). I don't know how well that will work, in practice.

- I'll need to rely on spells other than the SLAs and negative energy / necromantic spells to deal with mobs that have death ward and/or very high spell resistance, of course, and I'm not completely certain how I'll do that yet.

Ultimately, I'm not certain how well a dark primal cleric will work in practice, even though I like the overall concept. I have a feeling that it will be generally less effective than my caster druid, who has good SLAs and who is doing very well at the moment. That's OK, as long as the cleric is still playable.

Thank you in advance for any feedback provided.

09-12-2013, 08:10 PM
A friendly bump! Good luck! :P! :)! Sounds interesting! Busy studying for a medical terminology quiz tomorrow so no time to add anything else sorry! :D! Cheers!