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09-10-2013, 07:01 AM
I am looking for some insight on the arcane archer abilities on an artificer using repeaters. I have a warforged pure artificer that I was exploring TRing into a H-Elf to gain access to the AA line. It looks to me, at least on initial pass, that AA imbues and special attacks should work with repeaters. Does anyone have experience with this and can give feedback? It means an upfront investment of 14 AP in H-Elf line to gain access to AA line. You can pick up improved recovery and a few other moderately useful buffs in the H-Elf tree so its not a fully lost expense. Then, you'd be limited to probably only taking one of the Artificer trees rather than most of both since AA should soak up between 23 - 40 AP depending on how many imbues/attacks work or are useful.

Right now, my pure artificer uses pretty much both trees, runs in shiradi, and does a lot of dps through its repeater and some through its spells (mainly energy burst). Aiming at a similar playstyle, I see the possibility that this approach will lose out on spell power, and I haven't worked out if I should focus in the BaE or Arcant tree with the remaining AP. Also, I am an avid button masher so having moar active abilities to use is fine (just please Turbine fix the dang repeater reload firing off abilities issue, cause that hella sucks).

I'm at work (totally working) so was hoping to have some ideas fleshed out for when I return home. Any experience or theory-craft would be appreciated.

09-10-2013, 10:28 AM
It looks to me, at least on initial pass, that AA imbues and special attacks should work with repeaters.
Imbues no, special atks (e.g., Inferno Shot) yes, from what I've read. The problem is two-fold, though: first that you have to spend quite a few APs to unlock these abilities (14 in HE tree to unlock AA, at least 11 APs to max Inferno Shot, 32 if you want Slaying Arrow which blocks your arty T5s); and second they use SPs to power them - an AA using bows can pick up Soul Magic + Moonbow to help defray the SP cost, but I don't think those work w/xbows (or thrown weapons).

In theory it could work, but in practice I have a feeling you'd end up spending too many APs on AA and not getting enough out of it in return. I'd like to be proven wrong, though. :)

09-10-2013, 12:21 PM
Seems a bit redundant to me.
Pure dark elf arti here,and the damage is just insane.
Summon +5 bolts.Boost the repeater from 1.5 w to 3.0 w
Mechanical dog to tank..I dunno,you can do it..but its a question of viability.
With the ease of changing ap now..id say try it and see.(run up a base 1/2 elf arti...don't tr yer wf till yer sure)
Ap's are all about trade off's

09-10-2013, 07:54 PM
i loved my rangerficers pre u19. im now just slowly starting to see if its worth it. from what ive noticed. no, but i play AA and the artie side was just while manyshots cools down. i might get fancy do my enhancments on Helf artie and see. but i could see it work going artie with AA. but AA artie died u19 damned interns

09-13-2013, 10:19 PM
The triple slaying arrows definitely work (used an iconic elf artificer).

I haven't LRed into one because I'm worried it will feel too squishy compared to my monkcher (being an artificer but not being warforged).

09-13-2013, 11:49 PM
The triple slaying arrows definitely work (used an iconic elf artificer).

I tested this just now on Lamannia and slaying arrows absolutely did work with repeater. Using the basic crossbow from Korthos I was able to get damage >400 on slaying arrows. I suspect that a well built and geared character could do better.

Now the big questions for OP. I did not look at the artificer enhancements but....

Slaying arrows are a tier 5 enhancement and lock out tier 5 for artificer. So, is it worth splashing onto artificer for some additional benefits.

I have no clue what is in some of the class trees. It use to be that rogue mechanic gave INT to damage letting artificer use spell points for INT to hit. That let a character push INT over DEX as long as they had 19 DEX to qualify Improved Precise Shot.

If that is still the case would it be worthwhile to build elf instead of half-elf so that you can start with 19 DEX and then go artificer 18/rogue 2? That gives evasion, a bit more skill points at L1, etc. With Insightful Reflex it lets you build pure INT and CON (less the DEX requirement). And, if you have tomes from your past life you might be able to get away with as little as 15 starting DEX.