View Full Version : Epic Destiny XP Fix.

09-09-2013, 02:28 PM
I love Epic Destinies.

I hate the way Epic Destiny experience works.

I want to change its most fundamental mechanics but not change the destinies themselves. Here are my suggestions:

1. Epic Destiny XP Pool. These are experience points one is able to spend on Epic Destinies. Epic Destinies themselves should not have XP values needed to level them up. Instead, it should cost XP to buy a power from the Epic Destiny you have unlocked: every fourth power purchased or upgraded increments the amount of XP needed to purchase the next power or upgrade. This allows everyone to play in the Epic Destiny they enjoy instead of having to spend a considerable amount of time in a destiny that does nothing for them (i.e. an Archmage in Legendary Dreadnought, suffering mightily on his way to Shiradi Champion.) Twists of Fate would still be unlocked at the same interval - 4 tiers of any destinies per Twist.

Once a point is spent in an ED, it cannot be unspent. If the ED is reset, the ED points remain available for that pool, as it is now.

2. Eliminate the 5th 'pip' from each Epic Destiny level. Take the experience needed for that pip and divide it equally among the other 4 pips in that same tier. People really hate that pip. While they still need the same experience, it feels smoother and leads to less perceived frustration. This would also eliminate the perception of that useless space at the top of the 6th tier of each destiny.

3. Retain the maximum of 24 points in each Epic Destiny until Epic Destiny levels are increased, if ever.

4. Last but not least, allow EDs like Shadowdancer to add to Rogue/Ranger levels, and Legendary Dreadnought to add to Fighter/Monk/Ranger levels, so that powers based upon class level are augmented like caster levels are currently.

These are my ideas to vastly improve Epic Destinies, and improve Quality of Life for players in-game.