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09-04-2013, 07:40 PM
I have not checked to see if a similar idea has been posted, but have this idea of how epic spells could work in the game.

When all characters that can cast spells (basically if they are able to choose any metamagic feat, they qualify) reach the first epic level (21st) they receive a free feat call "Epic Spell". This works similar to all other metamagic feats. toggle, and is added to the list on each spell to have always on or off etc. This makes the spell cast as its normal version plus a increased and/or additional effects depending on the spell. It would also increase the cost of the spell by certain amount, was thinking maybe 10+level of the spell? or double or triple depending on spell of the base spell cost before metamagics. Maybe have a 28th and later a 30th level item property from a raid or something that will reduce the cost 1 and 2 respectively. :)

Where caster level is concerned. All characters that cast spells get this feat at 21st and can use it on their spells. whether 20th cleric or fighter 16 pally 4 with first level spells. They both can use the feat to use its epic version and gain the epic effect, which is based only on their epic levels, not caster level, either from heroic life class or destinies. Epic casting does not increase the level for the base effect or have effect on duration or caster level for purposes of SR, or anything else. It just gives a spell its new epic effect which may for some spells just be the same for all epic levels or increase with levels.

so for example for the two characters above using Divine Favor. The cleric would cast it and gain its full duration for 20 caster levels (and possibly more with destinies) and gain the +3 hit/damage that capped out at 9th. the fighter gains only a caster level 4 duration and +1 hit/damage. at 21st level they can both cast a epic version of divine favor which as another idea, could add +1% luck to doublestrike (and thus stacking with zeal) at 1 epic level and +1% every 3 levels after to max of +3% at 7 epic. If the fighter was 25th level and the cleric only 21st, he would actually get more doublestrike from his divine favor than the cleric but his duration is still only that of a 4th level caster.

For many damage spells the base die could be increased, but if that is to much maybe something more simple like penetrating resistance and even immunity. so damage would not increase to creatures not already resist or immune but just make your more versatile, and lets there be a increase for more epic levels, so everything is not to front loaded. Example, Epic Magic Missle: in addition to normal casting effect, each missile that hits the target slows it for 1 second per missile. the reduction could be 5% at 1 epic and each 2 after to max of 25% at 9 epic. no save but normal resistances/immunites to slow effects apply. also each epic level increases penetrates force resistance 1 per level and/or 1% per level if 100% immunity. (would still think anything that blocks magic missiles or spells like globe or mantle of some bosses would still apply, it is just about the force damage).

More examples, Epic Force Missiles: same as magic missiles above by the chance is to knock down targets. Epic Chain Missiles: wider area of effect increasing with epic level.

Epic Remove Curse: target is immune to being cursed for 6 seconds per epic level. (also, epic effects cannot be extended with metamagic or be affected by metamagic even if the base spell can and is using it, but if the epic effect is just a upgrade of non-epic effect then it would still apply the whole extended duration) Epic Neutralize Poison: for the duration you are immune to poisons as normal but each poison attack you block increases the duration by 3 seconds or 6 if extended.

Epic Magic should have no effect on DC's in any way. it doesn't not increase the level of the spell with heightening.

Concerning deathblock. nothing is wrong is with it, but it seems silly we can be immune to death magic so quickly, what is it 4th level? is anything casing death magic on us then? with deathblock in tiers now with the new loot system, maybe start treating deathblock like fortification for death magic. start 20% maybe and increase that amount per tier. the spell 100% but perhaps shorten the duration to 18 seconds/level (extend more useful).

Epic Death Ward and Mass: normal effect plus unconscious hit point threshold increased by 5 or 10 per epic level. (stacking with other abilities that do so for some classes).

Spell Resistance items and spell (and monks/drow). Maybe could change the way this works with players. Use a system like the PRR, and its number is now a small resistance to damage from spells, that applies after all other resistances and absorbs have applied, and for non-damaging spells a save bonus. not +1 per point of sr but going up in increments of SR, like maybe 1 every 5. the save is only vs spells that spell resistance applies normally, if it bypassed it before, then no bonus. thus it would apply to a save vs ottos dance, but not the reflex save vs a fireball (it helps with the damage of a fireball instead). There would still be penetration from enemies, but since thier CR's are higher than ours and than the quest, using that as the caster level bonus makes the items and even the spell useless later on. It would just be a d20 roll against us plus any innate bonuses given to them because of type or items they may "have". Values we have now dont need to change.

example: Epic Spell Resistance (Mass): in addition, you absorb the next spell cast on you (before item absorption effects), at 25th 2 spells, and 30th 3. whether cast from the epic single or epic mass version you cannot benefit from spell absorption from these spells more than once per rest, but subsequent casting will still refresh duration or increase SR if from another caster as normal.

one new spell that would be cool to see: Assay Resistance: level 5th wiz/sor/, bard 6th. +5 SR checks (flat no increase), casts fast (like divine favor), but lasts for only 1 second per level, and allows extend. (a epic version could see the bonus just go to +10)

Epic magic can be something sometimes you want to save to use and the heroic version is good enough and not worth the extra spell points in every situation, so casting every spell epic is not expected or needed . They can have effects that are powerful and only applies once per rest to a character and/or a timer that could represented by one debuff icon, with a tooltip stating all the epic spells already benefited from till rest.

Concerning spells in the game today, many could use a revision to be more useful IMO. thinking more of buff and debuffs. Some last suggestions:

NightSheild: the saves a profane bonus, but still up to 3. but a higher caster level needed to max, 3 at 17, 2 at 9th. Epic NightShield: the profane bonus applies to AC, PRR, and dodge %.

Shield: 4 but with level increases with level to be 9 at higher levels, but maybe needed 20th to max out. basically it is like saying your 4 a non magical shield and you add +1-5 enchantment to. Epic Shield: any force effect blocked by this spell is reflected back on the caster as if you had cast the spell. (uses your level, items, enhancements, etc).

Merfolks blessing: same effect plus +1 circumstantial to hit and damage with all melee and range piercing weapons. no increase for level. Epic Merfols blessing: +1% stacking doublestrike/shot bonus with piercing weapons per 2 epic levels after 1st.

SpawnScreen: in additon to normal effect (dont laugh), +1 stacking save vs effects from undead but not spells, 2 at 10th, 3 at 20th. absorbs one negative level per casting. Epic spawnscreen: undead that hit someone under the effect of this spell are shaken (no save) for 1 second per epic level.

Crushing Despair: increase the amount of the defuff by level. maybe a additional -1 per 8 caster levels (-5 at 24th) Epic Crushing Despair: debuff amount also applies to spell resistance, but only lasts for 6 seconds per epic level. (so would have to cast and land again well before the duration for the normal debuff part has expired, if you want the spell resistance part again

Epic Protection from Energy: absorbtion to all elements as well for duration, even after damage is expended. 1% per epic level, but doesnt stack with other absorbtions from items.

Epic Resist Energy: this one should just increase initial effect to keep up items, but to keep caster levels from heroic levels important, it just increases what you currently can have by 10 at 21st and 10 again at 28th. (50 max).

Epic Cure spells (like the light and moderate, not the Heal or mass Heal spells): when a epic version of this spell is cast, it cures for the same amount, but applies a stack of healing amp, 1 for cure light or mass cure light, 3 for serious and mass, etc. can stack up to 10 times for 10% amp, that lasts for 3 seconds per epic level, each casting refreshes duration. so they dont heal more for the epic version, just better for the extra spell points.