View Full Version : Absolute minimum level on armors

09-01-2013, 04:22 PM
I'm not sure I understand how this works for armors.

It seems like my level 4 alt is able to equip those heavy armor (dragoncrafted or something, with an absolute minimum level of 22+) that I bought from Eveningstar sellers and stripped of any enhancements. It's pretty convenient since it gives a level 4 character 50+ AC (if put together with the same kind of shield) and thus would make the character quite invincible at this level. But then when I logout and relog, the armor ends up in my inventory. So I assume this might be a bug: that is, I shouldn't be able to equip it in the first place. But since bugs are very rare in this game (+2 enhancement bonus to sarcasm), I would prefer to get some details about this.