View Full Version : Entry Guild or Training Center

08-30-2013, 12:27 PM
There are a lot of online resources for new players to become acquainted to the game, and there is the initial Korthos introduction quests (the mandatory ones for new players). I think it would be nice to have a training center set up as a guild (or something similar) for people to join and learn through interactive training centers.

For example, there would be a fighter trainer to help guide the player through some of the basics of becoming a fighter; such as understanding the effects certain types of weapons have on different creatures (piercing + Skeleton = not so good, but club +skeleton =Win!). Could go through different armor types, damage reduction, ect. There could be a whole range of different topics for each of these trainers that are focused on class specific areas. After each phase of lessons, there could be a skirmish for the player to test out their new knowledge in a tactical environment.

The example I used was for a fighter, but having something for every class would be very beneficial. Imagine a healer training center, where beginner clerics are armed with the knowledge and techniques needed prior to being sent out into the world to fend for themselves.

Once a player has graduated from the training center, they are armed with the knowledge of how to better play the class they are interested in, and have a much better chance of succeeding, and not getting frustrated with the game and leaving after a week or two.

08-30-2013, 12:50 PM