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08-29-2013, 11:34 PM
I know this thread is already within the forums, however, it is within the General DDO Discussion so I thought someone should put it into the Ideas grouping to have Turbine get more of a chance to look at it since mostly the General discussion is gone over by players and not Turbine.

With all the new enhancement changes and completely new enhancements that came out with updates 18 and 19, the character sheet could use some revision. To me the sheet is very well written out but it's actually quite cluttered when you think about it.

All of the stats for spell power, melee/ranged alacrity, melee doublestrike, descriptions of how your AC was formed, how your dodge is setup, ect I could name stuff for a while on this list. It's a good "quick fix" as one person has called it in a previous thread and I agree.

I think it would be easier to move the "hover over to see" descriptions in the main character sheet (except the description when you hover over any ability (STR/WIS/ect) and put the rest into its own tab. Keep the main character sheet that way someone who isn't too worried about it can just see a quick run down of their current info, just like normal, "ok I have 42 AC with +4 on blocking with 115% fort" done. But that other tab will lay out how its done instead of having to hover over the AC to see how.

I think it would just be a little less cluttered in my opinion and shouldn't be that hard to script. I imagine a lot of people would be happy with it especially those who create their own "character gear list" for when they hit max level to get max gear with max stats for what they want, I do it for every character I make so having that one tab with listing "ok yes you have 42 AC coming from 26 armor bonus / 8 insight bonus / 7 enhancement bonus / 1 artifact bonus" would be amazing.

08-31-2013, 01:37 PM
I disagree. I like the hover-over break downs. To me, it's more intuitive. If I want to see how something is broken down, just hover over the number and see the details. That makes sense to me as opposed to opening a different tab and hunting down the stat again.

If anything, there should be more hover over options. Threat and damage breakdowns are still missing from character sheets and are sorely needed.

What I'd really like to to see is an option to list ALL abilities granted by gear. That way, I can see if I have a particular ability that's not listed on my character sheet. (E.g. I want to equip a new seeker item but can't remember if any of my gear has it already.) With the current set up, I have to check every single equipment slot to tell.

08-31-2013, 03:39 PM
It would be nice to see our Double Shot bonus and spell critical chances in the window along with vulnerabilities and amplifiers (such as repairing and healing).