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08-28-2013, 09:55 AM

i have the choice of 2 favored enemys on my little Wraith and since i was away for, well, a long time, im not entirely sure what are the most useful to pick

i have access to GH, the shadowfell stuff and all the f2p quests ofc

any advice for an old comebacker?
(backcomer? well you know what i mean...think returner is the word)

08-28-2013, 10:53 AM
Hi, welcome to DDO. :)

Here are my usual recommendations for FEs in order I would take them:

Undead: pretty common up thru lvl 15 or so (Necro IV); then show up again in epics. Plus they're crit-/sneak atk immune, so the more DPS you have against them, the better.
Giants: this includes ogres & trolls, which become pretty commonplace at lvl 5 or 6. And now that Gianthold is epic-fied, it's a no-brainer, IMHO.
Evil Outsiders: mostly for the Vale, Shavarath, etc. EDIT: also helpful in Threnal, Chronoscope, Devil Assault if you run them.
Constructs: mostly for House Cannith quests.
Elf: mostly for all those pesky drow in Eveningstar!

08-28-2013, 10:14 PM
My view of favored enemy is to try and choose enemies that have the most spread among the different levels:

Undead appear at almost every level in the game, often in noticeable quantities even in "non-undead" quests. Probably the most no-brainer choice. Since undead can't be sneaked or critted it's nice to do extra damage to them.
Evil Outsiders appear from around 10 to 25. Unlike undead, quests are usually heavy on EO or have none at all. Still, there are enough quests even into epics (eg: Demonweb) that feature EO plus enough high level heroic EOs that this is still a worthwhile choice.
Constructs appear in small, isolated instances in virtually every quest level, be it dogs in low level or animated armors in epics, with golems in between. Plus, the training dummy ship buff is there for every level. heh. Similar to undead, it's difficult to sneak or crit constructs so extra damage is useful.
Giants loom large enough in endgame (eGH) to be a worthwhile choice. Plus, Ogres and Trolls abound in the heroic levels.
Elf would mainly (exclusively?) be for King's Forest, Underdark, VON3 and Bargain of Blood. Those quests are positively crawling with drow, but outside of those quests this favored enemy will do almost nothing for you. Situationally worth it, but overall I'm not so sure now that Shadowfell has come out.
Aberrations aren't a great choice but it's worth mentioning that Lolth (the raid boss in CitW) is an aberration. As are beholders, will o' wisps, mimics, mind flayers and taken, so there is some utility here from level 8 to 28 at least.

Here's what I would take, in order, based on # of enemies I get to choose. Opinions will vary, of course:

1) Undead
2) Construct
3) Evil Outsider
4) Giant
5) Elf
6) Aberration

In terms of what order to take them while leveling I generally take construct first for the training dummy. (Construct => Undead => Giant => Evil Outsider => Elf)

08-28-2013, 10:27 PM
I'd agree that Undead is probably your first FE, both in terms of order you take them in, and overall importance. I'd put Evil Outsider second...you run into them a lot at all levels (not just Amrath/Vale, but also Carnival, Cannith challenges, really scattered throughout a lot of content), and they're usually among the tougher mobs you face, so the extra damage helps.

I'd put Giants third, if you have Gianthold since, like EOs, Giants tend to be tough single targets. I'd bump Constructs down to 4 because, even though they're immune to sneak/crit, they're usually just big bags of HPs, not much a threat as just a speedbump, and Smiting weapons tend to dispose of them quickly enough. The only Constructs that really get to be a problem are the ones in the Cannith Manufactury.

But after Undead and EO, you really cant go wrong either way for your third pick, between Construct and Giant. If you go deep enough in Ranger for your fourth, you're all set.

08-28-2013, 10:28 PM
Pretty much what Ellis, and Unbongwah said.
Although I'd add that on class splits were you only get 2-3, or even on one FE change things a bit.

What I do with splits like this is usually something like:
(while leveling)

Then when I reach cap I respect and go with

Elf/EO <- this one gets switched depending on what raids/quests I'm farming.

And if you get a class split with only 2 FE's, I go something like