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08-28-2013, 12:56 AM
I have had an account for some time, but have not played again til recently.

I have a low level rogue and would like some advice:

I would like to stay pure rogue, and only have access to the drow race; would like to remain solo til higher levels (maybe teens) , for as song as possible.

What build should I look at for an Assassin build?

I would gladly create a new char.

08-30-2013, 11:03 AM
I'll keep this fairly general, and leave nuts & bolts to someone else.

First, decide what you want your assassin to do.

Do you want max assassinate DC? If so, go drow, max int, don't dump con and get a decent dex.
Do you want to do lots of damage but don't care too much about assassinate? If so, go halfling. They get more sneak attack dice from their racial enhancements, ease up on int. Since you're not assassinating, you don't need max int. 12-14 will be more than enough.
Do you want to do both or do you want to keep your options open? If so, go human. Int/Con/Dex are still important for you.

If you're building a classic assassin, you probably don't care about your strength beyond how it affects your carrying capacity. Dexterity is there for your attack & damage rolls for daggers & kukris once you've got a few levels under your belt. Wisdom is also fairly meaningless for assassins, all it really does is boost your will save. Charisma has some use for assassins, as it helps with Use Magic Device and Bluff.

Consider dipping into mechanic tree for the repeating light crossbow proficiency. There will come a time when you really really don't want to melee the big nasty monster that's trying to eat your face. It's good to have a real ranged option for these times. Otherwise you're stuck with a throwing weapon, and those don't do nearly enough to matter after very low levels.

Consider dipping into thief acrobat tree for haste boost, especially if you're human. IIRC, human damage boost can be activated at the same time as rogue haste boost, leading to 19 seconds of stabbity goodness for your rogue at least 5 times between shrines.

Consider poisons and figure out if there's really anything you want from them. (I'm biased against things I don't use myself. Take everything I say with a grain of salt)

For your stats, dexterity governs your attack & damage with daggers & kukris after a couple levels. 17 dexterity is also required for the higher tiers of two-weapon fighting feats. The first tier only requires 15 dex. If you're patient and/or rich, you can get yourself a +2 or +3 tome to help out with the stat requirement. Only tomes & ability increases are counted towards this requirement. Bonuses from items don't help you in this regard. A common way to get all tiers of two weapon fighting feats is to start at 14-15 dexterity and then use a +3 -+2 tome once you're high enough level to do so. Halflings & drow also have an easier time filling these requirements because of their natural +2 dexterity at character creation.

Oh, and you really should get two weapon fighting regardless of what kind of an assassin you build, because most of your damage comes from your sneak attacks, and two weapon fighting gets you more attacks.

For skills, there are a few mandatory.

Search, Disable Device, Open Lock and Use Magic Device. The first three allow you to do all the stuff a rogue is expected to do, and the fourth allows you to substitute for a healer in a tight spot. It also opens up new ways to buff yourself. I never leave home without my scrolls of heal, (cure wands at low levels), fireshield, true seeing, greater heroism and tenser's transformation (master's touch at low levels if I absolutely positively have to use a one handed martial weapon I'm not proficient in).

The rest of the skills fall into nice but not necessary. These are hide, move silently, bluff, spot, concentration(!), balance, jump, etc. Hide and move silently are nice to have if you solo a bunch. I've rarely gotten any use out of those skills when grouping. Bluff enables sneak attack if you find yourself holding a monster's aggro. Very helpful at lower levels when it's one of the few ways a soloing rogue gets his sneak attacks in. Spot is an interesting skill. It points out both hidden monsters, door and traps. Then again, most long time players already know where these are, so they don't take spot. Those who don't know the game by heart, though, should consider it. Concentration is an interesting skill. It's the only skill in my list that's not a class skill for rogues. The reason it makes it's way to my list is because it helps with casting spells from scrolls while under enemy attacks. Then we have balance, which helps you recover from getting knocked prone. Jump is a skill you want to at least be able to buff to 40 when you need to, but it's otherwise pretty unimportant. Keep in mind, though, that there exist items with a clicky of +30 jump.

That's my quick overview of assassins. Hope it helped.