View Full Version : Sweeping Strikes, improved trip and vertigo: what´s up?

08-27-2013, 03:26 PM
Hi folks,

I´m building a new rogue acrobat and the enhancement pass brought some interesting changes on how to do it, specially the trip skill. Right now my rogue is only lvl 8, doing a rogue 13/ monk 6/ fighter 1 splash, str based (so far, might LR it to dex). Never done an acrobat before, but it is really fun, as another posts say.
The thing is, not sure if trip is that effective, as I can´t reach a good DC. And also, the new enhancement Sweeping strikes has dex as modifier, wich is a nonsense once trip and improved trip use str. I don´t even know if vertigo and combat mastery works on it, so far I guess not.
So, if anyone has an acrobat and uses Sweeping strikes, please tell me if it´s worth changing to dex based, and if those item bonuses add to it.
Also, any chance the lvl modifier is going to be full rogue lvl? As it is, is of no use for splashes...


08-28-2013, 03:04 AM
I played around with an iconic staff build rogue.

Improved feint isn't worth it - it doesn't work at all. But, if it would work, on acrobat it would be king with cleaves.

Sweeping strikes - in a level 15 quest on normal with a +6 vertigo staff and 32 dex I didn't manage to trip anything or barely tripped something. There's just to much "Save" labels above monster heads. In a level 19 quest on casual I couldn't trip werewolves or rarely one was tripped.

But, then again, I was in a party with multiclassed monk/rogue in Elite Monastery of the scorpion. He was pretty much tripping mockery monks in there. He said it was Sweeping strikes and that he had 42 DC on it, but didn't say anything about +vertigo items. I'm really curious how it works and if it works. Maybe he was just pulling my leg and using Breeze (http://ddowiki.com/page/Breeze).