View Full Version : U19 Named Items and Weapons Suggestions

08-27-2013, 01:38 PM
Some of these items are nice, some are interesting, some are almost useful, and some are worse than randomly generated loot. Below are a list of some pluses and minuses that I see in them:

-EE Weapons should have a minimum of +8 enhancement bonus. EE Shadowfell represents the hardest content in the game right now and should at least have a little edge over running EN with a +2 loot gem and pulling a randomly generated wondrous weapon.

-The Trapsmith's Crossbow has no enhancement bonus and is a terrible terrible weapon. There's no reason to use it ever. Please adjust it so that it's at least as good as a base Needle, Quill Slinger (and don't add ranged alacrity, it doesn't work for crossbows anyway).

-On the subject of things Artificers use, there is no rune arm in this expansion. Sad panda. Please consider creating one without a negative stat like the glass cannon that we can grind out in some quest.

-Skullduggery Kit has saved me from recrafting GS items just so I can get exceptional intelligence skill. Bravo. Please consider dropping the skills (except repair) from the list of randomly generated versions of the belt and simply adding some of the rogue skills as a static fixture. +20 disable/open lock already exist in the game and I feel safe saying that no one cares about more swim or tumble.

-+11 caster stats on items is nice, even if their accompanying stats are either useless or only useful for niche builds. I know several players who like the accuracy on Shadowsight, but I doubt any evocation divine or druid is going to care about it. The stolen necklace from friends in low places should have it's charisma bumped to 11 to match what you can get from wisdom and intelligence. There is almost no difference between getting an EE version of the necklace and a randomly generated one.

-Randomly generated stats on named loot I spent X minutes sloughing through an EE quest to get makes me want to bash my head into a wall. Not only is said loot a rare drop, I have to farm it out who knows how many times before I get the one I want or give up and settle for something that's not as useful. I like having crafting options MUCH better than playing the loot lottery because I feel like I'm at least making progress toward what I want when I pick up parts for it (and I don't have to deal with stats I don't care about). Pulling yet another EE orb without the specific spell focus I'm looking for is soul crushing.

-I do like the idea of having 100% chance to get named loot from quest rewards (it makes nice filler for leveling towards better gear) but please have it not take up slots in the rewards list for randomly generated gear. Any given player will really only pick these rewards once or twice and they're taking up precious slots that could be wondrous items or tomes! Since they all share one of three names, it would be awesome to add set bonuses to them. Otherwise, I don't see anyone bothering to use armor that only gives them GH which they can get from any number of sources.

It's a little lengthy, but here's some of the feedback I have on some of the named items I've seen in the Shadowfell Expansion. There's a lot more to be said about many of the specific items, but I'm sure other posts will fill in the gaps and I feel like this post is long enough already.