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08-27-2013, 10:49 AM
Guys what about this build:

Drow Sorc 18 /Monk 2 Splash

Should work fine with these PL .
+3 PL Sorc
+3 PL Wiz

+2 Racial Cha (20 pt Cha)
+2 Cha (tree)
2/+4/+6 saves vs. Enchantments. Rank 3: You also gain +1 Enchantment spell DC

2 Extra Feats (2xToughness) 27hp x 2 = 54HP
Defensive Strikes (Shintao) --> PPR
Iron Skin (Shintao) --> PPR
Animal Forms (Henshin) (Way of the Patient Tortoise) --> +1 Con +5Hp
Evasion --> For sure ;-)

Spell penetration:
You can hit about ~50 SP

should hit ~54 in evo and enchant

SF: Enchant
GSF: Enchant
PL Wiz
PL Sorc
Spell Penetration (Epic)

Martial Feats (Monk)
2 Options:
1x Toughness
1x Lightning Reflex
2x Toughness

08-27-2013, 03:51 PM
Didn't Defensive Strikes get removed from live? And how will you get your Reflex saves high enough to make Evasion useful? Also, I'm pretty sure you can only take Epic Spell Pen if you have the first two SP feats as well.

08-27-2013, 04:31 PM
Wasn't really a reason to make 2 posts about this, and this one is even worse than the other.

1 - A far as fleshie sorcerers go, they got the shaft in the expansion, due to the sorcerer's lack of scroll/wand mastery enhancements, making it harder to heal themselves. Drow, elf, and human would be okay, but half-elf can get some self-healing out of cleric dilettante. If you wanted a more survivable sorcerer, also consider 2 paladin levels for divine grace; I was never keen on monk splashes for sorcerers, as sorcerers don't have much use for insightful reflexes like wizards, do. Evasion is useless without the reflexes to back it up.

2 - I can understand drow for more charisma (and drow make better DC-based fire and air sorcs than WF), but why waste points for +1 enchantment DC that could be better spent gaining spellpower and caster levels in the sorcerer trees? Enchantment spells are not so common from enemies that I would spend points in the drow/elf enhancements for it unless I was a wizard.

3 - And why would you bother with SF:enchantment on a sorcerer? Leave the hardcore CC to wizards and spellsinger bards; a sorcerer's motto is if it's dead it doesn't need to be CC'd. These two feats would be much better in evocation or conjuration (if earth-based).

4 - Don't think 3 AP for +1 concentration and +5 HP is worth it. Also, defensive strikes was removed and replaced with a +15% offhand proc for twf/unarmed.

5 - The only time you should ever get toughness more than once is a fighter with way too many open feats. Even something like dodge (since you won't be wearing armor and will have a 25% dodge cap) would be more useful.

6 - Epic spell penetration requires spell penetration and major spell penetration. Sorcerers will rarely be using spells that require spell penetration. Again, if it's dead it doesn't need to be CC'd.

7 - The active sorcerer past life feat is a waste of a slot. I would only ever get the wizard active past life feat on a caster, unless you were enchantment-specced, in which case a bard active past life feat is useful, as well.

08-28-2013, 09:27 AM
OK, let me use some math to exlpain this build:

Base 20
Levelups 5
Items 8
4 enhancements 4
5 magister/DI 2
Exceptional Cha 1
Intsightful 3
Tomes 5
Ship 2
Yugo Pot 2
TOTAL w/buff 52
Mod +21

Spell Penetration:
levels 18
epic destiny levels 5
enhancements 3
spell penetration feat 2
Arcane Augmentatum 2
Master of Spell School (Magister) 3
Major spell penetration 9 Item 3
3x past life wizard 6
3x past life fvs 3
piercing spellcraft (magister) 3
piercing spellcraft (DI) 3
Total 51
* Not enough to no fail, but still works on EE content.

Base 10
Heighten 9
CHA Mod 21
SF Evo 1
PL Wiz 1
Evoker item 2 ( I know there is a item with +3)
PL Sorc 3
DI (ED destine) 2
Should work on EE (not all the time)

DC Enchant
Base 10
Heighten 9
CHA Mod 21
SF Ench 2
PL Wiz 1
Enchant Item 3
Magister 3
Racial Drow 1
(With debuff would work fine)

Maximize (sorc)
Empower (sorc)
Heighten (sorc)
SF EVO / PL Sorc (sorc)
SF Enchant (sorc)
GSF Enchant (sorc)
PL Wiz
Spell Penetrarion (sorc) --> Heroic Feat but taken on Epic Levels
Toughness (Monk)
Ligthining Reflexes

Reflex Saves:
12 Base
4 +8 Dex item
7 Resistance
4 GH
2 Luck
1 Eldrich Ritual
3 Shorud Item
1 haste
2 Lightning reflexes

36 Reflex
6 Magister Epic
42 Reflex
Do you think these amount of Reflex are enough?

I would go magister with energy brust twisted as well.

08-28-2013, 12:40 PM
Your reflexes would be okay, but without improved evasion you'll probably still have trouble against EE spellcasters.

And I still don't understand why you're trying to focus on enchantment instead of evocation. You could spend feats in more important things.

08-28-2013, 01:38 PM
36 Reflex
6 Magister Epic
42 Reflex
You could Twist in Lithe for another +6.

09-01-2013, 01:50 PM
36 Reflex
6 Magister Epic
42 Reflex
Do you think these amount of Reflex are enough?

I would go magister with energy brust twisted as well.

That reflex is fine on EE you will not save all the time but most of the time :)

I would go helf with pally dilly but that is my pref.

nice build and gl