View Full Version : Named and epic loot drop rates

08-25-2013, 04:12 AM
They need to be increased, i don't think the items should be easy to get but they shouldn't be as hard. I had to run a chain of 4 quests 23 times to get the shard/seal and scroll i wanted. I have run ADQ 10 times and got nothing, CITW 15 times and got Antipode which are no use and 4 commendations.

It's just not fun knowing you will probably end up with nothing for your effort. Shadowfell and Gianthold mechanics are the way forward, FOT always drops at least 1 commendation and the chain reward offers a chance at the named items and from what i can tell they are based on difficulty they are run at which means you always get something and if it's no use you can sell it and maybe buy what you do want but this needs to be applied to all quests/chains. Give a chain reward for epic runs as a choice of shards/seals.

Does Turbine seriously think grinding quests ad nauseum is fun but that is of course secondary to guiding people to the store to sell mostly overpriced imaginary items for use in imaginary land.

Turbine Programer: Hey we just added a 1 to the code in the +4 tomes and got +5 tomes!
Turbine Producer: Excellent for your 10 minutes work and effort we should charge 15 dollars.