View Full Version : Drop toughness in favor of Mental Toughness: Y/N?

08-24-2013, 07:38 PM
As the title says. I'm playing a lvl 25 Pale Master, and with no buffs I'm at 622 HP (I think I have 672 with buffs but this value could be slightly off.) My feats right now are:

1. Extend, Insightful reflexes, Toughness
3. Arcane Initiate
5. Empower
6. S.F: Necro
9. G.S.F: Necro
10. Maximize
12. S.F: Enchantment
15. Heighten, Spell pen
18. Greater spell pen
20. Quicken

I was told that Toughness isn't as necessary as it used to be, and that I should swap it out for Mental Toughness. Yay or nay? I need some more opinions.

Also, should I keep S.F: Enchantment? My Enchant DCs are 48 with buffs, and I wonder if one point less would make much of a difference. Were I to drop it, should I replace it with (assuming I swap Toughness for Mental Toughness) Toughness or improved Mental Toughness?

Any help will be appreciated!

08-24-2013, 07:52 PM
Toughness only gives +31 HP at level 28, and no longer unlocks HP enhancements. Its useful on characters without end game HP hear, but if you have over 600 HP on a caster without it, then you really don't need it anymore.

Empower isn't considered too useful for DC wizards now, Id drop toughness and empower for both mental toughnesses, and also take epic mental toughness now. Its nice not having to rely as much on SP potions.