View Full Version : New build idea with the update for my multi rogue - 12 rogue / 6 monk / 2 paladin

08-24-2013, 07:23 AM
Im currently playing a shortsword 2WF specced Helf 13 rogue / 7 monk with Paladin dilly for saves, but with the enhancements updates Crippling Strike is now available in the Ninja Spy tree so I dont need 13 rogue levels for it anymore (only need to take opportunist and improved evasion is useless because I succeed reflex saves on a 1 in EE content), 5 monk at least is needed to take all the sneak damage and crippling strike stuff in ninja spy, 6 is still needed for the 25% incorporeal and invis clickie, and I have the free +20 lesser heart of wood sat in my inven to use if needed.

Currently I have my saves up to 70 reflex, 47 will and lower 40ish fortitude, but I'm thinking that if I take 2 paladin levels I could get at least 45 / 75 / 50 if not more for full divine grace.

The only problem there is I would no longer need Paladin dilly, and non of the others are useful to me as I have enough UMD for level 7 scrolls so Helf is no longer needed for the build and halfling would be a lot better for even more save bonuses, and dex bonus to hit and damage with shortswords comes from Ninja Spy too, so no need to gimp my con by going Elf.

Currently my base stats are 8 str / 16 dex / 14 everything else with only 1 TR. Also with only a single TR, a halfling can do 10 / 16 / 14 everything else which is a bit better, plus more racial saves bonuses but I dont want to TR this character again as it is strong enough. CON is needed for HP ofc, INT for trapping skills and skill points, WIS for more AC and previously for Ocean stance, CHA for UMD + Saves bonus.

I already tried the regular free LR tried removing toughness, crippling strike, sneak of shadows as I never use it, and weapon finesse and replaced them with skill mastery, luck of heroes, lightning reflexes and iron will. Other options that could be taken are power attack or combat expertise, though currently I use defensive fighting and bulwark of defense as there isnt any other suitable epic skill for this build (Epic sneak damage, bulwark of defense, and then perma haste feats).

Though it still wouldnt be perfect as I'd have to stick with being a helf and not a halfling :(