View Full Version : PDK Greater Oversword Favor Rewards

08-23-2013, 08:41 AM
Since PDK Favor is already tied to CiTW Weapons I thought we should continue to keep them viable in the new content and have a FIFTH upgrade tier!!

Tier 5 - ALL WEAPONS (15 Commendationd of Heroism)
+8 Enhancement becomes +10 Enhancement (Becomes ML 28)

ALSO - There could be an upgrade option for Planar Conflux, but I'm not sure this would work

Planar Conflux Upgrade (15 Commendations of Heroism):

Upgrade your +8 Planar Conflux to +10 (Becomes ML 26)
Upgrade your +3 Planar Conflux to add +2 (stacking, like Demonic Might) bonus of the same stat. (Becomes ML 26)

Just a few thoughts - comments appreciated