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08-21-2013, 05:25 PM
Please review and give any thoughts or improvements you can think of for this build. If you think the over-all idea is really bad or portions don't make sense please say so.

Build Title: The Tankish FvS (Charisma based melee-healing-FvS who fights up front);

Build Idea: Leverage the Purple Dragon Knight's ability to utilize Charisma to hit/damage & build as much Charisma Synergy as possible. Should still be a solid Healer with mana-free Charisma based-melee-DPS leveraging all cleaves & Momentum Swing/Lay Waste (saving Divine Punishment DoT for bosses) & max Charisma Synergy leveraging the high saves. The build does not worry about spell DCs and will focus on doing healing/Light with some melee DPS with high survivability on the front line.

Comments: I like Divines (especially Paladins & Clerics) and this is the Favored Soul (FvS) version of the Cleric build for comparison purposes. When trying to do melee I frankly found many painful compromises when Charisma & not Strength based; After gearing up I may try to tank with this build leveraging Unyielding Sentinel’s Intolerant Blow & the Paladin Hate enhancements but even those magnifying Divine Punishment & Melee may not be enough hate to keep Aggro nor may there be enough defense (will have to test)... If it can't be a true "self-healing Tank" then I plan to modify the enhancements to focus on being a survivable melee FvS on the front line healing the Tank with spells with semi-decent melee/DPS supplemented with triple-stacked dots.

This build hits the expanded max CL for both Divine Punishment & Heal so should be close to max effect on those spells compared to a pure or less splashed FvS. With using Celestia & the AoV debuff single target melee may be higher than the Cleric build but AoE melee damage will likely be lower due to the loss of THF Glancing Blows... With max Divine Punishment & melee DPS magnified by hate this should keep Boss aggro better than the Cleric version... Losing Radiant Healing Aura & Burst as well as multiple Mass cure spells does hurt this builds AoE healing ability compared to the Cleric version but it can have 1 or 2 mass cures and regenerating Light in the Dark AoE Lay on Hands...

For reference, the Cleric version can be found here:


Race: Purple Dragon Knight (PDK):

Fighter: 1: Mandatory till reincarnation available;
Paladin: 6: Sacred Defender Stance & High Saves;
Favored Soul: 13: Healing & some light based DPS;

Note: Once PDKs can do Reincarnation look at 14-FvS/6-Paladin or 18-FvS/2-Paladin, etc;

Base Stats before Gear & Buffs:
Str: 17: 13 (Min for Power Attack) +4 tome at Lv15 (for THF Feats if desired) ;
Dex: 8;
Con: 16:
Int: 12 : 9 +1tome@lv3 & +3tome@lv11 (for skills);
Wis: 8;
Cha: 34: 18+7levels+5tome+4enhancements;

Summary: With Gear & buffs should approach the equivalent of ~50+ Str for to-hit/damage & have well over the equivalent of 50+ stats for all 3 saves;

Note: Considered dropping Cha/Con some and balancing stats more but for now wanted to see what "max charisma" looks like (plus Cha helps 3 saves vs 1 save per each other stat);

+5 Constitution Tome if want Epic Toughness (or +4 tome & +1 from levels);
Tomes on the other stats will obviously help but aren't needed for the build;

Skills: MAX SpellCraft, Healing, & UMD (half ranks) with rest in Jump. Will use Quicken instead of Concentration & Stand against the Tide Stance instead of Balance (can't be knocked down in stance). If more skill points end up being real important (like for Intimidate) maybe drop a stat or 2 for more skill points...

Note: The following is the list of Feats for the Cleric Version adapted for the FvS version with the --> to represent what feats I would consider changing to better leverage the FvS spell power and Spell Pool... Basically it is trading some melee Glancing Blows for Spell Damage... THEY ARE NOT IN THE ORDER THEY WILL BE TAKEN but rather are listed for comparison purposes.
1F: Bastard Sword ----> maybe use Celestia for melee-based-Light-DPS & swap for Heighten...
H: Shield Mastery
1: Power Attack
3: Cleave
6: Quicken
9: Empower Healing
12: Great Cleave
15: Improved Critical
18: imp Shield Mastery
E21: THF -----> Empower;
E24: iTHF -----> Maximize;
E27: gTHF -----> Maybe Ruin if it can be Meta-ed...;
D28: pTHF -----> ESP-Light or HellBall if it can be Meta-ed...;
D26: ESP-Positive ------> maybe ESP-Light if Healing is enough and more damage is needed;


Race: Purple Dragon Knight (17pts):
1:T0-Human Versatility (Damage/or no_fail_Saves depending on role);
2:T1-Cormyrean Knight Training (Cha+hit/dmg w short/long/great/bastard swords);
2:T1-Improved Recovery (+10% healing amp);
2:T2-Human Adaptability Charisma;
6:T2-Fighting Style (15% Shield AC+3 TS Max Dex & later, if enough defence, change to +6% Glancing Blow Proc) ;
2:T3-Improved Recovery (+10% healing amp);
2:T4-Improved Recovery (+10% healing amp);
Note: If facing lots of Elemental damage take 2:T3-Shield Deflection (Tower 40% elemental reduction) over something else...

FvS: Angel of Vengance (39pts):
1:T1-Font of Power (+1Usp+2sPoints/point);
1:T1-Animus (Scourge on Damaged 20/50/100);
1:T2-Shield of Condemnation(Attacker upto -50%Fort/+50%Light&Alignment);
3:T2-Just Rewards(on spell crit +10 tempSP);
6:T2-Efficient Metamagic;
1:T3-Aura of Menance(enemy-2svs,hit,AC);
1:T3-Wand&Scroll Mastery;
2:T4-Crown of Retribution(transfer+Light guard);
3:T4-Intense Faith(+3CL FFLP);
3:T5-Zealous Faith(+3maxCL FFLP);
Note: If Charisma ends up being odd swap out 2:T4-Charisma for 2ap to use elsewhere;

Paladin: Sacred Defender (24pts):
1:T1-Holy Bastion (+1 Pos Spell Power+2%Fort);
3:T1-Improved Sacred Defense (Saves);
3:T1-Lay on Hands;
1:T1-Sacred Armor Mastery;
2:T1-Saves Boost (+2 & no fail on 1);
1:T2-Divine Righteousness (2%fort+Cha as temp HP & 100% Threat);
3:T2-Improved Sacred Defense (PRR);
1:T3-Sacred Defense Stance (+10prr+50%Threat,-10%movement);
3:T3-Greater Sacred Defense (+20%HP);
3:T4:Greater Sacred Defense (+6con);
1:T4-Swift Defense;

Epic Destiny: Unyielding Sentinel (24ap);
0:T5-Passive Bonuses: You gain Cleric, Favored Soul, and Paladin caster levels equal to your Unyielding Sentinel level if you have any levels in those classes. +50 hp. You gain +1 intimidate for each level of Unyielding Sentinel, including level 0; +5 sacred bonus to natural armor. Gain the Diehard feat. +2 Attack; +50 hp; +10 physical resistance; +2 attack, +1 bonus to reflex/fort/will saves;
0:T5-Stand Against the Tide:?*Sentinel Stance: (Cooldown 20 seconds): Can't be knocked down in Stand Against the Tide Stance.; +1 melee damage, 20% threat generation, 5% fort, +1 reflex/fort/will saves. These bonuses increases while standing still, up to 4 times;
1:T1-Endless Turning (r3);
4:T1-Brace for Impact (r2);
3:T1-Shield Prowess;
2:T2-Fanaticism (gain Smite Evil Feat & more Smites);
2:T2-Confront any Foe;
2:T2-Endless Smiting;
3:T2-Legendary Shield Mastery;
2:T3-Intolerant Blows;
3:3-Endless Lay on Hands;
2:T4-Light in the Dark;
Twist1: T3: Lay Waste; --> When healing Raids: Renewal;
Twist2: T2: Momentum Swing; --> T1:Rejuv-Cocoon or T3:Purity of essence
Twist3: T1: Healing Power; --> T1:Rejuv-Cocoon or keep Healing Power...
Note: If facing lots of Elemental/Light/Force/Sonic damage take Block energy: (while blocking, absorb 30% damage)...
Note: If truly tanking lots of hits consider spending 3ap for Ward against Evil (20% chance for 10d6 when attacked (whether hit or missed). Maybe drop Turning & Confront any Foe...

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Which order would you recommend for taking FvS and Paladin levels?