View Full Version : WAI or bug?

08-20-2013, 09:03 PM
One of the things I was very excited about with the enhancement changes was getting 75% bonus to scrolls with one level of artificer. From what I saw, the enhancement was on the same tier as other level 1 arcanotechnician enhancements but in live it says there is a level 2 arti level req. I just used my LR+20 to go from 18monk/2arti to 18monk/1arti/1fighter before noticing this. Dammit.

Any idea if this is intentional or a bug?

09-10-2013, 09:39 PM
Just did the same thing today.

Designed my toon as a 15Monk/4Pal/1Artie, with the 1 artie for UMD, magical training and wand/scroll mastery. Now, I find out after taking the 1 Artie, that I only get 2 of those 3.

I can easily live with it for the time being as long as I know it is a bug and will get fixed. If not, I need to totally rethink my toon. I can either go A1 and just not have scroll master, A2 for all 3, R2 for UMD/master and other benefits (but either on 2 means I love instakills), or Cleric 1 for Magical training and wand and scroll mastery, and just eat the -12 UMD....

Gah.... I thought I already made all the hard choices when I chose between M12/Pal6/A1 (with one floating), and M15/Pal4/A1.....

What really sucks is it was as similar "What? That doesn't work that way??" that made me decide firmly on only Pal4, which was when I noticed (on another toon), that the Defender Stance and Meditation of War are exclusive for no reason I can think of (not that can think of a good reason why rage and Defender are exclusive either, so at least defender stance is consistent.... consistently lousy....).

Any word Turbine? Is this a bug? Can I sit tight and have my toon work as I expect by the time I hit epic (I'm not the fastest leveller), or do I need to go back to the drawing board?

The one thing I can be thankful for, is that I have some +X hearts saved from the old MyDDO lottery days. While I have no problems with giving Turbine money (and have certainly done so in the past), the idea of giving them money due to this sort of "What? You assumed a tier 1 ability worked like all other tier 1 abilities? How stupid of you!!!!" thing really chafes my shorts.....