View Full Version : PDK New Mutt Possible? 12F/4P/4M

08-20-2013, 01:14 PM
The ability to use CHR for to-hit and damage with Bastard Swords has me thinking that some sort of mutt build might prove fun using the PDK Iconic. I am thinking of the 12 Fighter/ 4 Pally / 4 Monk split. Here is why:

4 Monk - seems to net a bit of a dodge bonus. Since this toon will be a TWF evasion build, more dodge seems nice.

4 Pally - a fourth pally level seemed slightly better than a 13th fighter level.

What I am unsure of is the best splits in levels with the new enhancements, so this is a bit of a guess. I think it would prove pretty fun though. Note all level ups go into CHR.

Sadly, I would have loved to mix Rogue in here for full disable ability, but there simply doesn't seem to be enough skill points to go around given that you need a 15 DEX with +2 tome for the TWF feats.

Thanks for any input!:D