View Full Version : please have another look at dodge bonus on items :)

08-19-2013, 08:51 AM
The new changes to dodge are just not fun!

How about instead think about making a cap on dodge bonus allowed from items and then let us stack them from there. Put a cap of +10% dodge that can be gained. ALL bonus to dodge even those of the same value stack up to 10. put the values back to original amounts. Whiles is nice to see a boost, now all the dodge items we have acquired and put on our characters to have the best dodge are now all worthless except the highest ones. More non-stacking abilities so we can see parts on items that have no use anymore, this makes items less attractive and customizing gear less enjoyable. Yes there are other bonus like protection and resistance that do not stack, but they are a different case, and can be gotten with other sources. Also it keeps a bit of DnD flavor. Dodge bonuses stack! :) The items could even keep a counter on them next to the value of the dodge in (), for example Dodge 1% (3/10), showing you have 2 dodge elsewhere on items and each dodge item would show the same.

Throw some new blue augments out there. dont need to be special or named, just new ones to add to the others in random loot. +1% dodge ML 12, +2% dodge ML 24, or maybe with the new level cap, +1/2/3, with ML 12/20/28. Add +5% dodge to new or some existing epic items, as the highest dodge bonus on a item.

08-19-2013, 08:53 AM
Well, look on the bright side! now you can equip something else if you want to.