View Full Version : Lammanoa Client Download - there must be an easier way!

08-16-2013, 02:45 PM
So given the update next Monday I thought I'd start checking out what I'm in for regarding respecing enhancements. So time to download the Lamma preview client fresh on a different PC.

Downloaded from the link in the forum sticky, Pando, it took awhile, expected it. It "stopped". but turns out it completed the download so no biggie. Fired it up? Redownloaded new launcher and news files, etc..etc.. fine.

Now, however, it seems like it's downloading each and every one of the 26,000 files needed? Surely there must be a better way. Its friday afternoon, I was hoping to play with it today. At this rate it won't finish updating untill tomorrow - assuming this is the last update.

I -do- hope the link I started with was older than people have on live now, I -know- they would not appreciate such a long update process.