View Full Version : Sunelf Morning lord build, no cool name, but could use suggestions

08-15-2013, 09:55 AM
So, reading up on different things trying to figure out the best morning lord build to make come the expansion.

Right now, my thoughts are a 18/2 cleric fighter

Idea would be to sit behind shield, with self healing and nuking from divine disciple tree, probably adding some battle cleric when warpriest tree is released.

I realize monk is probably better, but so far, almost every toon i play is monk or monk splash, and i just need a non-monk.

stats: sun elf

str 15
dex 8
con 12
int 10
wis 17 - all level ups here
cha 13

metamagic- maximize, empower, heighten, quicken
melee- shield mastery, improved shield mastery, shield deflection*
more SP/Crit- mental toughness, improved mental toughness

epic feats:
epic mental toughness, not sure about the other epic feats

*if you don't know what shield deflection is:

Shield Deflection is a new Heroic feat. It requires +8 Base Attack Bonus and General or Tower Shield Proficiency.
When actively blocking with any type of Shield you are proficient with, you gain a Competence bonus based on the type of shield to completely ignore Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage:
Buckler: 20%
Small Shield: 25%
Large Shield: 30%
Tower Shield: 40%

Any suggestions for the build?

08-18-2013, 05:44 PM
Take 1 Rogue (or Arti)/1 Fighter/18 Cleric, or stay pure. When you don't have SP anymore, you can still search and disable traps, if you have the right items pushing S and DD. Your main focus will always be on Cleric, so why another Fighter Level, when you can get so much more benefit from one Rogue/Arti Level? I don't see the pros from two Fighter Levels. Sure u can shield, but what is it good for the party?