View Full Version : Put a firggin Guild Hall in Eveningstar

08-13-2013, 12:42 PM
Make it so. Allow us to permanently settle there if we wish.

And while you're at it remove the timer on ship-buffs and make them only expire on death.

08-13-2013, 12:46 PM
This should definitely be a priority with Forgotten Realms being a new focus area for content in the future, or a similar guild establishment to house standard guild amenities and other goodies.

08-13-2013, 12:58 PM
PDK favor would be worthless, but so aren't a lot of the other patron favor rewards.

08-13-2013, 12:59 PM
Did you ever click on the "Transport to Eveningstar" button. I would be surprised if they don't add guild halls to the Hall of Heroes.

08-13-2013, 01:01 PM
It sure is a long run from Wheloon back to the guild ship, that's for sure. As for the ship buffs, don't really care about those.