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08-11-2013, 03:21 PM
I was thinking that with the new X-pac coming out, instead of getting a new raid, we visit some old raid bosses in a new environment. The Level could be called Chaotic or something better (haven't spent much time on it)

The Raid: The party must complete each room of bosses to unlock the next door until they get to the final room. The party must face each and every of the 24 Raid Bosses, but on a higher CR than EE (+3 or more depending on the boss). There will be 5 rounds each getting progressively harder based on the level for the raids. Minimum Level for this raid will be 28 and no xp will be rewarded(nearly impossible to solo ;)

Raid Order:

Room 1 -- Blood Plate , Razor Arm , Sor'Jek Incanni , Xy'zzy

Room 2 -- Arach's Knight , Queen Lailat , Stormreaver(Reaver's Fate) , Conjoined Abishai Destroyer

Room 3 -- Lord of Blades , Warforged Titan , MK II , MK III

Room 4 -- Nythirios , Horoth , Arraetrikos , Suulomades

Room 5 -- The Jailer , The Judge , Toven D'Cannith , Black Abbot

Room 6 -- Velah , Lloth , Truthful One, Stormreaver(Fall of Truth **Higher CR than in Room 2**)

Trash: There will be 2 mobs per boss.
For part 1: (4 Bearded Devils, 2 Air Eles, 2 Beholders).
For part 2: (2 Adamantine Dogs, 2 Efreeti, 2 Air Eles, 2 Abishai)
For part 3: (2 Adamantine Dogs, 6 Warforged -- 1 Arcane, 1 Cleric, 2 Artificers, 2 Fighters)
For part 4: (8 Orthons)
For part 5: (4 Orthons, 2 Warforged -- Random, 2 Wraiths)
For part 6: (2 Renders, 2 Driders, 1 Mistress of Agony, 3 Dragons--lower CR, blue, black, and white)

Shrines will be placed after rooms 2, 4, and 6.

Chests: 10 (Base) + 5 (Epic) + 1 (Chaotic Level) = 16 Total Chests

Each base chest has a chance to drop one of the heroic level raid items such as Sword of Shadow. Epic Chests have the chance of dropping items such as Epic Sword of Shadow and Sireth or Pinion. The Chaotic level chests would drop fully upgraded items meaning: Tier 3 Pinion(w/ Random Filled Slots) Fully Slotted ESoS or even Flawless Red/Green/Black/Blue/White dragon armors. Also, there should be an item that has a .01% chance to drop as an augment that gives a +2 to all stats like the Globe of True Imperial Blood.


Let me know your thoughts as I feel like I've missed some important pieces to the raid.

Thanks all!!
- Silver

08-11-2013, 11:11 PM
Its an interesting idea with merit, to be sure...just a couple things that come to mind:

-Wouldn't the lower bosses just be "trash" themselves, inasmuch as even at CL+10 from their "native" environments they wouldn't be any challenge, even to a solo L28 character. In that regard, it seems like this'd be a much easier way to farm twink loot for alts/TRing, making all those original raids obsolete. It'd probably be faster, even at the top level, than hitting all the individual raids too, making those all but obsolete for loothunting. Lots of "I pass XXX if you pass YYY" groups.

-Would this be VIP-only? Or would you be required to have every single quest pack/expansion represented? Otherwise, again, the loot from this makes buying packs obsolete, if you're just after (for example) Torc from Demon Queen or Toven's Hammer from LoB...

-I get the feeling this quest would be way too gear-oriented....you wouldn't be able to run it without a full set of "Chaotic gear" including all the various DR beaters you need for all those various bosses. Also, don't some bosses (i'm thinking of Abbott) have mechanics that require you have certain temporary items from their respective raids?

-Along the same lines, don't some of these bosses (i'm thinking of Titan now) have mechanics that require use of special static items in their raid? You cant just beat them down with DPS, that is...so how would you beat them when they just appear in the "arena"?

08-11-2013, 11:49 PM
Perhaps those special temporary items could appear in the room preceding the one containing the respective boss(es) as soon as the preceding room is cleared?

It would make sense that the raid be p2p, and either VIP or ownership of all related packs would be a prerequisite.

CR's of mobs/bosses could be adjusted up for this special raid environment. Maybe start room 1 at CR 25, and go up from there?

08-12-2013, 08:00 PM

1. I forgot to mention that there would be a lengthened timer. Maybe 5-7 Days so you could actually get 1-2 of the actual raids in themselves. Also, the % chance to drop would be lower to the extent that only a certain number of items can drop per run. Maybe 3 basic items, 1 epic item, and a chance of a fully upgraded item. That way the quest isn't, " Get your bypass timers we're going to farm this to get every item in game". Another Idea , have the bypass timers not work on so said raid.

2. I would say you don't have to be VIP or own every pack, but there should be a flagging of some sort. Maybe they could have certain items drop in each of the adventure packs that you have to combine(like shroud) to gain access to the raid. The items wouldn't be bta/btc, but would be more rare so it would be "kinda" expensive on AH or decent trades to get. **Example: Someone could get an item from VoN that someone needs, and another person from DQ, and they can trade them**

3. The reasoning is that the raid shouldn't be a pushover. No, you don't need to have full chaotic gear, but you won't get through without 100% fort, and other obvious buffs. As far as required items go, it's just the bosses that we're fighting, not the raids itself. So if your example is Black Abbot, the group would just be fighting him as if you had already completed the puzzles, and have to kill him before the raid is over.

4. This got me thinking that we could have tables like in Litany of the Dead where you can get 1 item per boss that you've killed. At each room, there will be a table where you can find the weakness of one of the bosses, whether it be breaking a DR, giving them a specific weakness(element, force, bludgeon, etc.) For Titan you could remove the "barrier" and you could beat him down with DPS.


1. I think I answered the first statement in 3 & 4 of my response above.

2. Likewise (part 2)

3. At first this seems like a good idea, having it get progressively harder; but that seems like something EE might be. This is Chaotic level now, we need to make this hard so that groups don't just start finding ways to bust through it like it's heroic casual. Example: Have these few people do this in the 1st room so party members (1, 3, 6, 7, 10) can save their sp for part 12. I don't wish the raid to be too hard where you have to drink 10 pots per round, but it should cause a challenge. An extreme challenge raid of sorts.

Hope this helps!!
- Silver