View Full Version : Shiradi ED enhanced with ranged

08-07-2013, 02:48 PM
While I do love the way this ED has become great fun with casters, I believe ranged players (the ones this ED seemed originally intended for) receive far less benefit.

1. Spam spells that hit 5,4,or even 10 times! getting a lot of procs
2. Procs use spellpower doing an average of triple damage with decent spell power
3. Joy of the queen gives 50% chance to proc on spells but not ranged (what gives?)

1. aside from manyshot/10k stars only 1 arrow to proc effects
2. procs dont use spellpower, and deal 1/3 the damage

What I suggest, is it would be great if ranged procs used spellpower (however I understand this may be a coding nightmare) THEREFORE=
1. Increase chance to proc with ranged from 7% to 14% (we fire less arrows and no spellpower bonus)
2. Make joy of the queen also give a 50% chance with ranged, fairs fair