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08-01-2013, 01:33 PM
Sad to see they closed the thread https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/171413-Tell-The-DDO-Community-Team-New-Spells!

I tried to stay away from anything that would involve creating new animation files or have an impact on the creative budget. Hope it isn't a waste of time but here goes anyway.


Chromatic Orb(1)
* random or selectable damage from: acid, fire, cold, electricity or magic
* unsure what animation you would use

Fool's Gold(1)
* +1 to Haggle skill per caster level

Detect Illusion(2)
* +2 to detection and saving throws against illusions

Ghostly Visage(2)
* +6% dodge chance

* Create an illusionary summoned creature to assist in battle
* The CR of the creature is based on caster level & Illusion DC
* Creature model is random or selected according to terrain
* Capped at CR tba

* Prevents loss of invisibility and concealment
* Negates any ability or spell that allows the object to bypass concealment
* still become visible when you attack

Hallucinatory Terrain(5)
* Changes terrain of an AoE
* does not affect caster or companions
* Lava - fire damage. mask AoE with lava texture
* Muddy - Grease effect. grease spell animation
* Toxic - acid damage. mask AoE with acidpool texture
* Snowy - cold damage. ice storm animation

Demi Monsters(5)
* Create an illusionary summoned creature to assist in battle
* The CR of the creature is based on caster level & Illusion DC
* Creature model is random or selected according to terrain
* Capped at CR tba

True Seeing(6) *update*
* +3 to detection and saving throws against illusions
* always retain your AC against illusionary attacks

Ethereal Visage(6)
* Requires two rolls to bypass your concealment
* +6% dodge chance

Shadow Magic(7)
* Cast an illusionary version of another spell
* Illusionary versions do not benefit from any spellpower enhancements or deal critical hits
* Cannot be affected by metamagic
* Low casting cost compensates for low spellpower
* Lightning Bolt
* Wall of Fire
* Cone of Cold
* Summon Monster V
* Fear (with Spell Focus: Illusion)
* Minor Globe of Invulnerability (with Spell Focus: Illusion)
* Enervation (with Greater Spell Focus: Illusion)
* Disintergrate (with Greater Spell Focus: Illusion and one of either Sorcerer 20 or Wizard 20)
* Spiderskin (with Druid 1)
* Inflict Serious Wounds (with Cleric 1)
* Glitterdust (with Bard 1)
* Entangle (with Ranger 1)
* Angelskin (with Paladin 1)

* Create an illusionary clone of yourself that follows you around and mimics your animations in combat
* Enemies trying to attack you make an Illusion DC Will save or attack the Simulacrum instead
* Outlined in blue and cannot be targeted by party members
* simulacrum pulls aggro and forces enemy script to re-evaluate
* scripts for current animation of caster
* scripts for follow using current movement rate of caster

* The caster conjures an illusion of deific terror
* Enemies viewing the creature cower in fear
* The Wierd attacks all enemies in the AoE once every round. It automatically hits with a % chance of being vorpal. Vorpal DC = illusion DC
* Damage (untyped) = 2d4 + Illusion DC
* Creatures immune to mind effects still take damage from the Wierd
* Wail of the Banshee animation and stationary ring of purple light


Just my opinion on how illusions should work

Illusions are made of conjured light and thus rely on the target being able to see. Blind targets cannot be affected by illusions.

Damage caused by illusions is imaginary, whereby the enemy mind "believes" it has been injured. Due to this, illusions are not affected by any physical form of resistance as follows:

* Elemental Resistance
* Physical Resistance
* Damage Resistance
* Fortification
* Armour Class

Illusions are instead resisted by Detection. This is when the observer notices imperfections in the weaving of the illusion that causes them to realise it is not real.

* To detect an illusion make a 1d20 + Spot skill check vs DC = 10 + Illusion DC
* Detected Illusions are outlined in blue and can no longer harm or affect you
* Detection takes place before the illusion interacts i.e before saving throws or damage rolls

Other considerations:

* Illusions can only be destroyed by Dispel Magic type spells
* Illusions are immune to all types of damage and status effects
* illusions do not count toward summoned creature limits
* You can have more than one illusion at once but not more than one of the same illusion spell