View Full Version : Kensei Weapon Group Specialization

07-29-2013, 01:14 PM
Several of us have posted our concern with the Kensei Tier 4 Enhancement Weapon Group Specialization having the following requirements: Fighter Level 4, Weapon Group Specialization, and the relevant Greater Weapon Focus Feat.

The problem is that Greater Weapon Focus Feat has the prerequisite of Fighter Level 8. This defeats the entire purpose of creating Class Enhancement Trees that have a maximum 5th level requirement in the relevant class (excluding tree core enhancements). The Greater Weapon Focus Feat requirement should be removed from Weapon Group Specialization.

I'm not sure why the Devs have seemingly ignored this issue, but given that Steelstar is commenting on other posts today, I'm hoping that we can at least get a response to the subject.

Thanks in advance.