View Full Version : Bard development ideas

07-29-2013, 09:41 AM
Just a suggestion, why not we develop bard towards the discovery of ancient forgotten lyrics in difficult quests?

As in these lyrics are found only in quest of varying difficuities and giving them a chance to drop lyrics who employs bard song usage but have varying effects?

I still remember some legends in D and D lore (or was it baldur gate?) that describes lyrics long forgotten that when played in the hands of the skillful bard causes pandemonium, horrid wilting and other effects. These lyrics would set bards clearly on a different development path from most spell caster builds.. I do believe adding variety to the classes/enhancements would make the game interesting.. (btw i love the racial trees enhancement development..keep up the good work)...

Let the grind for wonderful music begin!..

Zyorl the Dark Elf