View Full Version : Thoughts on new enhancements - Fighter/Ranger/Monk TWF

07-27-2013, 11:36 PM
One of my 3 main characters is a Halfling 12/6/2 Fighter/Ranger/Monk TWF.

He has always strived to be defensive minded, trying to maintain a sold AC with self-healing (Halfling dragonmarks)

On live, he's a Stalwart Defender which isn't 100% ideal with TWF, but it works well enough for me... He was good enough to tank many raids over the years (not Epic Elite FoT though).

Under the new system, TWF and Stalwart Defender do not mix. But I'm not sad at all... Mixing Tempest and Kensai and Ninja Spy and Deepwood Sniper looks very promising. I'm losing a bunch of hit points, but gaining a ton of other stuff... I'm amazed how much sneak attack I can now get in.. Plus maxing out Dodge will be a breeze. And my reflex save got buffed as well. And I end up with MORE Positive energy spell power than I did before... So no nerf there for rangers.

I don't necessarily need 12 levels of fighter anymore, so I may mess around with a few more levels of monk to see if that's worth it. 6 levels of monk for the 25% incorporeal is probably the way to go... This keeps my defenses high (max Dodge. incorporeal, high reflex save with evasion), but I'm going to gain a lot more offense as well...

Notes to devs:
Third rank of Haste Boost description says it lasts 30 seconds, but it just 20 seconds
Sprint Boost doesn't seem to work
Deepwood sniper First core ability is called Far Shot.. The description says Gain one sneak attack die. Does that only work for ranged? Or for melee too?

I'm going to use my LR +20 and see if I can change to 8/6/6 fighter/ranger/monk... Could be very interesting...